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  1. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    This is my jersey by the way. It is nice, but too large for me and I have too many jerseys in the closet. As I said in the description, it never left the house after I got it. I prefer the EDGE cut anyway. I'll also be listing an Away EDGE 2.0 58+ in the now-old style and a Home EDGE 1.0 52 David Perron in the coming days. Look for my Roman Polak 09-10 Set 1 Home gamer to go up too as soon as I retrieve the LOA from my parents' house.
  2. ncthorn

    Tarasenko jersey - where to buy?

    I would go with EPS on this one. The only real issue I have had with them on Blues jerseys is incorrect placement of captain's letters on the previous Edges. Also, what appears to be the middle layer of lettering on the Blues jerseys is actually the top. IIRC this is called semi-reverse kiss cut. If you are looking for absolute accuracy, be sure to ask for it.
  3. ncthorn

    Blues Debut New Jerseys

    Been a while since I've posted here, but the True Blues Team Store has received 'authentic' versions of the new jerseys. Unfortunately, they are from Indonesia. It was wishful thinking on my part that they might get some real 2.0s. In other news, I just scored some of the old team issued 2.0s from these guys: http://www.prostockhockey.com/game-jerseys/
  4. ncthorn

    New arrivals v5.0

    Brilliant very nice. Exactly who and how I plan to have my blue 2.0 done up!
  5. ncthorn

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Crazy as it may sound, I have a 52 1.0 and two 58+ 2.0s and I can wear both. The 58+s are big, but not crazy. That's why I love the Edges. I can wear almost any size.
  6. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    No I am pretty sure LAK74 is referring to a different jersey. I believe a blank yellow one, unsure of size.
  7. ncthorn

    New arrivals v5.0

    Very nice Brilliant! I'd love to get one from the Sweden premiere, but there are only so many out there. If it were a Steen or Perron or Berglund, I'd definitely be going crazy over it. Hopefully the white 2.0 comes through for me so I can put the premiere patch I have on it. EDIT: If you ever want a link to the original listing for whatever reason, I have charted a number of the Blues auctions in an Excel spreadsheet so that I can determine what the original selling price of GU and GI jerseys are and for the pics.
  8. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    Fake for a number of reasons. Look in the how to tell a fake thread in the guides/tutorials subforum. I think you hit on most of the points though.
  9. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    Brillant! I'm not sure if you are the one who has a competing offer on the jersey, but you can quickly become my new best friend if you refuse his counter offer. Thanks! If I can manage to get the white Blues jersey, I'll only have one replica left ('94-'98 blue road Brett Hull). Can't stand premiers after getting into the 2.0 game.
  10. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    Got a home one. I really really want a white one to replace my premier. EDIT: What's a Rangers fan like you want with my Blues?
  11. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    You've got that right! I am trying to pick up the Blues jersey he has up and negotiate him down some.
  12. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    Yeah its good to go. He must have really cleaned out SVP...
  13. ncthorn

    It is good or not?

    I'm inclined to say the Gretz is okay. I am much better with Edges on fakes, but I do know that counterfeiters really struggle to get the nike symbol just right and that one looks good. Twill gets super shiny when the flash is on and as others have mentioned, it doesn't seem bubbly nor does the stitching around the numbers seem overly heavy as is seen in many fakes.
  14. ncthorn

    The Want List

    Im looking for Blues Edge 2.0s in White and the Third. Any size is fine except for goalie cuts. If someone wants to check SVP Sports to see if any are left, I'll throw a finders fee in there. Also looking for Blues gamers from: Alex Steen Andy McDonald David Perron Patrik Berglund
  15. ncthorn

    SVP Sports Sale

    Anybody going to be heading to SVP soon who would be willing to see if they have any road white Blues 2.0 jerseys? I've got the cash if someone can pick one up. Thanks in advance!