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  1. Not perfectly, outline still visible up close. different colors will show better or worse from a distance
  2. Received my Vegas Golden Knights home jersey today. The gold material is very shiny and unique texture. the Adidas "button" on bottom left is removable. It was sewn on so just needed a seam ripper.
  3. In Reebok Edge 2.0, size 52 fits me perfect. For the Adidas, I tried on a 52 and 54. If I was going to buy one, it would be the 54 (prefer a little more). Downside, sleeves and body length were longer than the Edge 2.0 Overall material felt more like a Reebok premier to me. I do not own any WCoH authentics to compare. Fight strap as mentioned in other posts isn't great. Both white and black jerseys appear to have the same strap: white strap sewn on to white twill. Customization is again comparable to Reebok premier. I would buy blank and send out more for accurate, mainly for higher quality materials. Didn't look at the crest too closely. 44 was just on the front of the rack which is why it was in my picture.
  4. Didn't buy, just went to see quality.
  5. San Jose Sharks: 1991-1998. Teal and/or white. CCM. Size 48. 2007-2013. Teal. Size 52 (prefer 2.0 but open to 1.0) Prefer blank but would consider customized. Pittsburgh Penguins: 1992-2002. Any color/style. CCM or Koho. Size 48. Blank or Jagr.
  6. Questions about 1997 All Star game Looking to get my jersey customized with Lemieux and need the shoulder patches Anyone know where to find the all star patch and Penguin patch? Saw decent all star one on ebay which Im considering. As for Pens logo, does anyone know the sizing of them? 4 x 4? Seems larger than that in pictures from the game. Thanks in advance.
  7. Anyone know if the Pens name/numbers will have the glacier twill?
  8. For comparison to the previous Couture post.
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