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  1. FYI for anyone of you who are looking for an authentic, bourque signed, pooh bear jersey, you can probably find it back on ebay haha. I sent it back. The more I looked the more those small spots bugged me. I'm wicked anal-retentive and i couldn't bear the thing (no pun intended). He's asking $500 (WTF?!), but offer him $300 and he'll take it hahaha. I ended up getting my alternative choice, an Avs authentic, spotless, signed by Mr. Bourque. Much happier :-D
  2. Just some food for thought I guess... '02 was the first year the alt was worn. Maybe it was marked X as how you suggested, perhaps a 'special'?... I know you said it was for the 2.0s, but maybe for the 6100s too? Seeing as A and the absence of one altogether is unknown at the moment.... Again, food for thought I suppose
  3. On top of all of that, the material doesn't seem a whole lot thicker or heavier than my 550 pooh bear. Thicker or heavier than any typical 550...
  4. I'm pretty certain it's an authentic, and i know the sig is (PSA/DNA), but i figured I'd run through to see if anyone could confirm. It has the tag i mentioned, everything is sewn, fight strap, but the reinforced elbows are simply a patch of material kind of hack-sewn into the inside sleeves. It has the black neck tag ('Authentic On Ice Game Jersey') instead of the slim blue authentic patch I've seen on a CCM authentic. Is this just a difference between a KOHO and CCM? Is there any difference between the black tag and slim blue tag? And it has a date sticker on the tags, 12 02 02. I've never asked before, but I'm assuming this means it was made on 02/12/02?
  5. Ahhh... Gotcha. Certainly makes sense. Thanks a bunch LAK74! As for the X at the end?
  6. I was hoping someone could maybe help clarify something about the tags on this jersey too. The jersey is a KOHO, and i know there was that gap when rebook took over and used their jerseys. But my question refers to what's printed on the tag- MPRO6102X. I understand the 6100 labeled jerseys, but what's up with this? Any insights please??? (not to deviate from the original question of course, but what the hell, eh?)
  7. I was thinking the same thing... Tide pen, dish soap, or a little bit of pretreat. The only problem with washing is the tags are still attached and I'm not willing to take em off. I was told it was signed with a paint pen too... Not a regular sharpie. No offense, but i haven't heard of a single person washing their signed jerseys. I'm so apprehensive to do so, that it most likely will not happen. My options are limited to what can be done avoiding a washing machine 100%.
  8. Hey guys. I've been away for awhile, but glad to be back for sure :-). So much knowledge on this site! I had just recently bought an authentic Bruins 'Pooh Bear' jersey... customized as and signed by Ray Bourque... and there HAS TO BE a few small spots on the front! Seriously?!... How can one expect to get something so near and dear to one's heart only to have theirs torn in half?! My question to anyone who may care to chime in (I only have limited info- almost none), are there any 'go-to' methods that you guys have found to get small spots or stains out of jerseys? I did try to use a kitchen towel with some warm water and light pressure back and forth to see if I could get it out, and it did little to nothing to fix it. Since its a sublimated jersey, the stain is not deep enough to have discolored the white inside though. This is promising to me at least. I don't know what's caused it and neither does the seller supposedly- he claims he wasn't even aware of it. It's not hugely apparent but just enough to bug the hell out of me (I know its there. That's enough for me). I had to look over the jersey really well to see it, as I always do with new sweaters. I haven't taken any photos of the spot(s) yet, but I will/can if needed. I know it'd help of course. Let me know. Any ideas or insights about trying to get it out (without washing of course), opinions on keeping it vs. sending back, etc., would help immensely. Thanks guys!!! - Josh
  9. Im 5'10 and about 175lbs. Although, i don't own any premiers that have jock tags. All of mine are winter classic jerseys so they're cut like 550s and are air-knit.. Not the funky stuff for modern premiers. And i own a bunch of 550s...so I'm used to baggy arms. I did own a medium premier and quickly flipped it (w/jock tag) and it had fit allot like a 2.0/50. I would agree that a size 52 would be alright. You're a bigger guy than me and a 52 is nice and roomy. If you can find a decent deal for a 52 then i probably wouldn't hesitate. Get it customized with Boychuk while you're at it ;-). We miss him over here in Boston. F(&^*** Chiarelli. He meticulously destroyed the Bruins.
  10. That is pretty much what I figured, but definitely wanted some clarification. Their consistency, Ive seen the past few years, is a lack thereof. Much appreciated guys! You fellas/ladies are always on top of this stuff. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys. I just received a customized EDGE 2.0 jersey and it says "7187 A" on the neck tag. I know for sure that its a 2.0. The only part of the sweater that isnt air-knit is the back and the gussets down the side, and it weighs far more than any of my 1.0s. This is actually my first 2.0, besides one that I owned for a few days and returned- but that was labeled 7187 too (it was a 2016 Bs WC jersey- BUT, still a Canadian made 2.0) The hang tags say 7287 and the care tag has the sticker saying it was made in 2015..... WELL after the change. Am I missing something here? Is there something changing as far as labeling with Reebok or the NHL? Thanks guys, I much appreciate any potential help! - Josh BTW- All of my EDGE jerseys are Canadian made... no Indos here. I can try to lower the scale of any photos if you guys wish to see any.
  12. Hey guys. I know the thread is a little dead at the moment, but I wanted to chime in since 2.0s have been in the market a little longer now. I wear a size 50 for 1.0s, but I find the same in the 2.0s to be a little tighter than my preference. So I jumped up to a 52 for a 2.0. I like em to fit a bit baggier than a comfortable fitting long sleeve shirt. The sleeve ends are pretty equal and so are the feel of the bodies. So, yea folks- 1.0s in a size 50. 2.0s in a size 52. Hope that helps for you guys, and anyone else wondering who are skimming Google these days Cheers!
  13. Whoa, sorry for being away for so long man. Yea, I thought as much about stripping and such. I can find replicas everywhere, but Ive yet to really dig into finding authentics and putting the $ out for them. I just find it fun to grab a replica every few weeks or so to add to my already fairly large collection (of replicas I mind you :-/). For what its worth, I do try to find more difficult to find replicas- if that makes much sense cost wise. Ive been looking for a 2008 Penguins WC jersey and replicas seem impossible to find. Authentics on the other hand, not so much. I just dont have the $ to dish out I guess. Do you know of a good, reputable shop or company that customizes jersey that you may refer me to? Right now Ive been shipping to Canada. Just in shipping back and forth it costs about $40.... about half the job right there. Maybe I can get an idea of what I MIGHT do with the Messier jersey. I really cant think of many options with the faux stitches already there
  14. The jerseys that youve stripped, are they on ice jerseys or replicas? I assume if you're going to go through that whole process and even have the possibility of ruining a jersey... theyre most likely on ice, eh? Messier, I would imagine, would go for a good price in the future. Although I have heard Vancouver's fans werent too crazy about him. That was his worst 3 seasons as a player to boot. I was looking for a decent Canucks jersey and happened to stumble upon one with Mark's name on it, which only sweetened the deal for me. He was and always will be one of my favorite skaters. Thats what I typically pay too. Usually around $40+, but for replicas. My pooh-bear was a little more costly (eventually Bourque :-)) I only have one on ice jersey and its an AHL jersey. The Worcester Sharks have just left MA for the west coast and I basically stole it even below rack price. But again, its blank. I picked up a brand new B's WC jersey at a good price and had it customized with Bergeron. As well as an older Wings jersey I had sent out for Datsyuk. Im not familiar with stripping and that whole process though... not at all. Ya see... I had a friend who had a bunch of fakes way back, and I used to bum a few here and there to sport around. After reading into em and developing my own opinions I refused to touch a fake again and personally started buying real jerseys. Even my friend got rid of all of his and started a collection (TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I WILL BURN ANY FAKE I MAY COME ACROSS NOW AND PREACH WHY! POSSIBLY IF ITS STILL BEING WORN! PEOPLE CAN BE STUBBORN....). BUT, neither him or I are familiar with stripping them or anything of that nature. I buy blanks and have them sent out (small fortune). Do you strip and customize them yourself? I have met some people online who know where to find good, accurate, well cut kits and do some of them themselves.
  15. Yea, I apologize man. My major concern was for the Messier jersey. I brought the Av's jersey up because it has the same NHL Player stamp on the inside and have the false patches. I was hoping for some clarification on whether the Messier jersey was legit, far more so than the Av's. What attracted me was the crest didnt look to be sewn but all patches do. Im bummed its not truley customized, but it shows no signs of peeling. I only wash jerseys when I first get them and when they truly need it. Im atleast happy I have a Messier jersey now (Even though it is a Canucks- Which I have no hard feelings towards). Living near Boston I catch alot of flak if not wearing a B's jersey hahaha. Im a hockey fan first before any teams. My B's tat down my calf should clear it up... but only rarely. Any idea to if these jersey have a lower or higher value as far as replicas go? I assume higher than blanks, but lower than sewn.....? Might be an ignorant question, but other opinions or facts are always nice...
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