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  1. Funny topic considering the big news today in the paper - "Molson to be official NHL beer" Give me a Steamwhistle any day...
  2. You'll have no problem using US money at par at most Toronto establishments. Otherwise, any bank, hotel or exchange shop will be able to help you.
  3. Maybe Alex Kovalev finds the fountain of youth and helps Montreal win the cup. As I wrote that I swear I can hear the Habs fans plotting my demise... Also, I think Carolina has the most room under the cap- if they think they can get in, I see them making a deal.
  4. My Number 1 hate-on of all time is Dominik Hasek. I've never seen a bigger baby. Also on my list: Komisarek, Suter, Barnaby, Samuelsson, and last but not least, Mike Ribiero. If you're going to wear the Habs jersey, you need to have heart.
  5. The Guardian Project was the most cringe worthy moment I've seen in the NHL. I wonder what it looked like for the fans at the ASG.
  6. Great thread guys! I'd love to hear from Whalers / Nords / Jets fans who've switched allegiances if there are any on here. And as a side note, I'm solely a Habs fan, but have held a very soft spot for the Ducks since Koivu left two years ago.
  7. Hi Ray: This is from the customization page on www.icejerseys.com: "All jersey customization requires 4-6 weeks production time, as each customized jersey is individually hand sewn." Hope this helps, Keener
  8. I haven't seen HSBC arena that full with Canadians since the last Tragically Hip arena tour!
  9. Happy New Year! We hope you all have a great 2011, and thanks as always for being a part of the IceJerseys community. We really appreciate you guys! May you all find the dream jerseys you're looking for.
  10. Good Call. He's just been traded to the Habs for 2 draft picks. Hope it works out!
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
  12. I saw that the NHL was promoting the Winter Classic on The Price is Right too. I thought it was a little weird that the NHL would use CBS to help them promote an event on NBC. I love the idea of a behind the scenes HBO show though. Would love to see that with the Habs. Problem is, Jacques Martin is pretty much the anti-Boudreau.
  13. Can ESPN please get hockey back? Versus? Really? Such a shame that the worldwide leader doesn't carry the coolest game.
  14. Fire Boudreau, your name says it all.... Seriously, have they announced the coaches? Where is Gary Green these days? Too bad Badger Bob is no longer with us. Would've loved to hear him say "it's a great day for hockey" at Heinz Field.
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