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  1. Does anyone have a 20th Anniversary Florida Panthers patch? I ordered on from a guy on Amazon but he cancelled and it now shows as out of stock.
  2. I hate fanatics so much. Just seeing their logo on player's apparel is the worst.
  3. I think way back in the day, there was always concerns over Patch Collection. I know he has a ton of Repros, however I assume his packaged ones are good to go?
  4. Yeah fair. Specialitys no doubt. Even grabbing one home or away would be cool since the pre season games are $550 anyways.
  5. Not gonna lie, the fact that they do that for $500 is pretty awesome. I wish the Leafs did that too.
  6. Actually I think the Canucks sold off their Chinese New Year warm up ones that were MIC. Again, could be wrong.
  7. That’s what I thought. Jets used to as well but stopped for whatever reason. I assume Adidas stepped in and power tripped that.
  8. Are you sure they care though? SLC (Leafs customizer) has done kits for MIC Leafs stuff and never cares. They know the only way to get them is through GI jerseys. EPS has stripped and re-customized their own stuff as well that was GI.
  9. Lol I have been told my St. Pats suck. “they never wear green. Thats just weird” The other one that gets roasted is the AreTnas. Either the T gets emphasized in the pronunciation or “what an original team name. Its literally named after where you play.”
  10. I've brought my girlfriend up to speed on the MIC lingo. Retail stuff just isn't the same anymore. She supports it. Probably the one quote is "don't you have enough Leafs already? Maybe mix things up?"
  11. With retail neck tags????
  12. I'm the furthest thing from a Habs fan, but this is a pretty cool pick up for the goalie cut folks around here. Just waiting to become a Price (I assume he played in this jersey that year). https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Montreal-Canadiens-58G-Authentic-Game-Issued-Jersey-Centennial-1910-11-Sanford/333400943655?hash=item4da03eac27:g:jcwAAOSwuBVd0Hyh
  13. It's probably misleading, but I'm guaranteeing he means the jersey was game issued and then recustomized. Again, slightly misleading but he probably doesn't realize.
  14. Never really noticed. The team’s customizer did the kit. I wish we would wear these again one day. Probably my favourite jersey we’ve worn in my life time. Or a tie with the St. Pats.
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