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  1. With retail neck tags????
  2. I'm the furthest thing from a Habs fan, but this is a pretty cool pick up for the goalie cut folks around here. Just waiting to become a Price (I assume he played in this jersey that year). https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Montreal-Canadiens-58G-Authentic-Game-Issued-Jersey-Centennial-1910-11-Sanford/333400943655?hash=item4da03eac27:g:jcwAAOSwuBVd0Hyh
  3. It's probably misleading, but I'm guaranteeing he means the jersey was game issued and then recustomized. Again, slightly misleading but he probably doesn't realize.
  4. Never really noticed. The team’s customizer did the kit. I wish we would wear these again one day. Probably my favourite jersey we’ve worn in my life time. Or a tie with the St. Pats.
  5. Super excited to have got this one done up. Was Dominic Moore's second period team issued.
  6. What is the general consensus these days for getting those stains that look like grease out of white jerseys? I've seen a few tips in this thread, however what works best?
  7. Did it work with eBay? Who was the company?
  8. Anyone ever use a shipping service (like shipito) to buy stuff from the US (when they don't ship to Canada or another international country)? How has that experience been? Is there any recommended company?
  9. Those are awesome. I wanted one, just had other priorities on my list at the time.
  10. Maybe since they don't have your jersey and you could just bail. So your jersey is collateral to them.
  11. EPS isn’t an exact match. It is close, but not 100%. In the words of Josh “nobody has it.” Either way, if you are good with almost an exact match, EPS can just sublimate a nameplate.
  12. Remember when Fanatics didn’t have a near monopoly over sports apparel and even when they were GSI Commerce, weren’t branding their own stuff. Good times.
  13. I would love to know. I saw a post on Reddit the other day about Adidas also putting an end to selling blanks. I shot True North an email about it (more so because I want to grab a white heritage or aviator in a GC).
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