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  1. Pretty amped to add this one. Team Issued Winnipeg Jets Heritage MIC Goalie Cut. Will be a Hellebuyck.
  2. Anyone have white adidas material? Needs to be long enough for "HELLEBUYCK"
  3. I think I heard the Sens too
  4. Lmao "jersey is in good used condition" and "minor yellowing" It looks like someone pissed all over the front.
  5. MIC Avalanche SS https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Colorado-Avalanche-adidas-2020-Stadium-Series-Authentic-Game-Jersey-size-58/383431797804?hash=item594650ec2c:g:dggAAOSw1nVeUJJu Those also appear to be retail neck tags.
  6. Sorry, meant the kit is on its way back already. I try to avoid sending jerseys through customs when I can. I'll see if Josh can be a bro and not ship with tracking.
  7. Aww thats dissappointing. My kit is already on route and EPS is like $25 on its own to ship to Canada. Now I’m leaning towards a 2018 cup jersey.
  8. Nice pick ups. My Fleury kit is on route right now for a Vegas TI. Is the Inaugural patch different from those that National Emblem sell?
  9. I honestly thought he would just get out of the game rather than adding more overpriced inventory (the price on his Adidas Indos are crazy). No way he also moves some of his gamer inventory. $700 for a Panthers gamer of a no namer isn't selling anytime soon. Pretty sure its just a preseason gamer too since the guy has never played an NHL game.
  10. Anyone else notice JB has ventured into gamers? Found it kind of random. Has some Adidas GI stuff.
  11. Probably going to hold off for a bit. I don't think they are all that different from the Flex Bases and the price points are stupid (as nice as those new Padres and Brewers are). Plus I'm not in a huge baseball mood with the Sox trading away Mookie in a cap dump move.
  12. From a business perspective, having one generic logo seems like so much less risk. Doing all these jerseys with team logos seems like they are trying way too hard for a meaningless event. Going back to a generic logo will also keep fans happy. No longer have to worry about not being able to find some obscure jersey like a Coyotes white or something. I miss Reebok.
  13. Awesome. Any plans on stripping and changing to Bishop?
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