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  1. This cheap usually means too good to be true, even if he was traded. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ottawa-Senators-Jason-Spezza-jersey-Auth-52-/231324214429?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item35dbff649d
  2. Gotcha, the material looked off to me too. And yeah, it is definitely boxy which no Edge ever is. Thank you!
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PATRICK-KANE-2010-STANLEY-CUP-AUTHENTIC-JERSEY-RBK-CCM-/291209761195?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item43cd7451ab I can't really tell what's going on here. At first I thought the jersey was real, because the vector looked good on the back and the numbers and letter weren't that bubbly crap. But then on the front the patch looks janky and the NHL shield on the collar looks real, but completely tattered (at which point the seller is lying about its condition). But at the base of this all is the question of whether or not the jersey is authentic.
  4. Here's what you do. Go to some games, bring your jerseys with. Chuck em over the glass. On the ice, bench or penalty box, it doesn't matter really. They're cool about it. They'll just pick them up and sign them for you and hand em back.
  5. I'm a strong proponent for a sarcasm font. Just does not translate on the interwebz.
  6. Hahah I was definitely being sarcastic on the Quick. Probably wants to get it off his hands/get people thinking they really are getting a deal. And i was going off that (unofficial) NHL jersey database for the Gretzky jersey for that tag.
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-1990-Los-Angeles-Kings-Wayne-Gretzky-CCM-Authentic-Jersey-Size-44-With-Gift-/350735876887?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item51a97cc317 I cannot speak to the Gretzky Jersey (although I'm pretty sure the CCM patch should have the M be white so idk)... but check out that SWEET gift! So nice of him to throw in such a high quality, not fake gift!
  8. Good to know LAK, I appreciate it! I've never stripped a jersey before, do you have any suggestions on where to send it that would to the best job for that/also put on the nameplate and name and patch? May try it myself but not sure yet. This is a lot of theorizing for a jersey I haven't got yet, just trying to plan out what I would have to do if I get it hahah
  9. Would it be a good idea to possibly strip just the back number, and replace it with one that is higher up? I understand that it may not come off perfectly, but if you cover it back up with a majority of the number still, there is only a couple inches on the bottom that would be exposed from the old placement. I only ask because it bothers me how low it is and if I put the name plate on lower it would all just look kinda off.
  10. My intentions were to make it an Emery and get the Stanley Cup patch since it was a 2006-2007 jersey. That's why I was more concerned about the numbers and such.
  11. Should I be concerned by the lack of a nameplate/name on it and/or are those numbers good? The back 1 looks kinda low compared to where I THINK a nameplate would go so I could be wrong.
  12. Thanks guys! And thanks, I use that site usually, didn't realize I could break it down by year. I just usually went to the team and it just had 2000-2007 clumped together.
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Ottawa-Senators-1-Reebok-NHL-Hockey-Jersey-Mens-52-Fight-Strap-/321462445156?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item4ad8a7a464 I've never seen this style jersey with the Reebok vector. I thought they were still CCM jerseys at the time?
  14. No I understand! I'm not sayin everybody should bid like me. I just started this topic to see what people had to say, and I learned something from it too. Just facilitating some friendly conversation!
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