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  1. Over 30, he first played pro at 14 and retired at 48. I would like to get a Hand jersey one day.
  2. He could only dream of over 4000 points.
  3. Yes I did, saw him play a few weeks back. He won't be in Europe for much longer ;)
  4. DJ Rhea

    eBay version 4.0

    Just leave negative feedback if possible, and did you manage to get screen shots?
  5. Forgot I'd even ordered this one.
  6. Looks cracking, do it properly or not at all. Speaking of ex Leafs Broll is playing for Coventry Blaze, I watched the game from the glass and that is huge.
  7. I need one of those as a Freddie.
  8. Have you photomatched it...
  9. What is wrong with you lol
  10. Maybe he has to show Adidas he is a willing customer?
  11. How do you not have one? I thought you had every Devils jersey, ever!
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