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  1. It is good or not?

    How good do the patches here look: ? I need a navy blue NHL2000 patch for my Thrashers jersey and that price seems pretty good.
  2. It arrived today v.

    My white CCM Thrashers 99-00 replica arrived yesterday. It's got to go through a bit of cleaning first before I'll take a picture.
  3. Customizing via EPS

    Well, then, screw it. Three of my four are replicas so at this point I'm fighting a losing battle. I'm not prepared to spend authentic-level money on anything other than a Blackhawks jersey anyway.
  4. Customizing via EPS

    After looking at those pictures, I definitely have to go with the three-color name. The navy just doesn't stand out well enough against the red without the gray. A couple of other things with the Thrashers jersey: do you think I should ask for the CCM logo on the sleeve to be stripped off, and is the red CCM logo on the hem the right color?
  5. Customizing via EPS

    Well, that only shows the three-color numbers. That's probably what I'm going to go with.
  6. The Want List

    I'm looking for an Atlanta Thrashers white jersey NHL 2000 patch.
  7. Customizing via EPS

    Yeah, I guess I'll have to get the patch. Do you have any pictures of the two different Lady Liberty styles in use? I'd like to compare them to consider my options. Awesome. Thanks for the advice. Good to know. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    That's not a bad choice. I may have to break my no Canadians except for Gretzky (thanks to my bitterness over the 2010 Olympics) rule since the player pickings for that jersey are slim. EDIT: Unfortunately, it can't be Heatley. The jersey is a 99-00 replica with no CCM logo on the neck so it'll have to be someone from their inaugural season.
  9. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

  10. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS! I'm open to any and all suggestions.
  11. It is good or not?
  12. Draft jerseys

    As you're all aware, the jerseys that are given to players at the draft have the players' names on the back. How do teams prepare for the possibility of not getting the players they want? Do they make a whole bunch of jerseys with the nameplates? Obviously they don't know who the other teams will draft so there's no way they have just one set of jerseys with one for each draft pick. Only the team with the #1 pick is guaranteed to get who they want.
  13. Soccer shirts

    That wouldn't really work, unfortunately, since the stars on the USWNT's jerseys are always red, white or blue.
  14. Soccer shirts

    Does anyone have any advice for getting a couple of stars embroidered on a jersey? I already have a USMNT Centennial Jozy Altidore jersey and I'd like my next jersey to be a Sydney Leroux jersey, but I need it to be authentic and I know US Soccer doesn't sell the jerseys with the two stars pre-embroidered in a men's cut.
  15. Right now, I'm working on a concept design series to depict what the NHL would look like if Nike took over the contract. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm really trying to perfect my template and unfortunately I've run into some problems - the kind of problems that will probably necessitate me re-starting the project from the beginning. Anyway, I'm looking for some good pictures that detail the stitching of the jerseys, specifically the back. I know that the jerseys have the mesh panels that go down the sides of the torso, but diagrams of other (past) Nike jerseys show a horizontal mesh panel running across the lower back that connects the bottom of the two side panels. I need to know if that feature is still present. Additionally, where (if at all, since I don't think they bother with it for international jerseys since fighting isn't kosher) the fight strap is attached with relation to the rest of the jersey. All in all, I want to make this template as accurate as possible. Any photographs that might help (or advice on improving the template) would be appreciated.
  16. Anyone have any thoughts on the template? I really want this to be as accurate as possible.
  17. Well, I have a decent-sized sports jersey collection overall, but now that I have three hockey jerseys, I can say that the hockey portion is a collection in its own right. Here's what I have right now. IndoEdge authentic Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane #88 red home jersey. CCM vintage Mighty Ducks of Anaheim eggplant road jersey. I'll be getting Selanne/8/A (plus hopefully the shoulder patches) added to it later. Starter vintage New York Rangers white Lady Liberty alternate jersey. I'll be getting Leetch/2/C added to it later. This one is courtesy of Ryan Haslett of Hockey Jersey Concepts.
  18. I was born in Chicago (but I live in Southern California) so when Dollar Bill Wirtz kicked the bucket and it actually became possible to see the Blackhawks on TV more than once a year, I started cheering for them more.
  19. RBK 6100 - 1st Edge jersey?

    Isn't that because the Buffaslug was essentially designed with the switch to the Edge jerseys the next year in mind anyway?
  20. What was your first jersey?

    A Patrick Kane IndoEdge Blackhawks red bought last year. I didn't start building up my jersey collection until I had stable employment (looking for work for a year and a half after graduating from college sucked) and now I'm the proud owner of that jersey and several others.
  21. I've recently come into possession of two jerseys that look really nice in my closet next to my Blackhawks jersey, but they could use some improving. I'd like to get Selanne/8/A and Leetch/2/C added to them respectively, with the correct shoulder patches for the Mighty Ducks jersey. My questions are this: what are my best options for getting the two of them customized? I've had so many different places recommended that I don't know where to start. Also, where can I get a pair of those shoulder patches? I assume that if I want them added, I can ask the customizer to do it and I'll need to provide them myself.
  22. Yeah, change of plans. I won't be getting the patches or the A. I would want to be as accurate as possible so it'll just be a 95-96 Selanne jersey.
  23. The Want List

    While I'm aware that there are plenty of Olympic gameworns available, are there any Paralympics gameworns available? I said that if the US won gold in hockey this year I'd get the jersey of the player that scored the gold medal-winning goal and I made no distinction between hockey and sled hockey. If I can get a game-worn Josh Sweeney jersey, that'd be awesome.
  24. Alright, here's where the template was originally: And here it is after the first round of revisions: Thoughts? Also, I should note that my template is based on this template (because I prefer the shape of that template) and so there may be some issues getting it to look right.