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  1. I asked and they said that providing the nameplates won’t be a problem. The only reason why I asked is because I could’ve sworn someone said that the WC jerseys weren’t the exact same material as the NHL jerseys.
  2. Has anyone had a World Cup jersey done by EPS? Is the nameplate material they use the right material?
  3. I said that the Turdburger was better than the Kings jersey.
  4. Wrong on the first count. Correct on the second. This is worse than the Turdburger. It comes close to being as bad as the Flying V.
  5. You're good. There aren't many fakes out there from the CCM/Koho era, regardless of whether it's a replica or authentic. The counterfeiting trend didn't really pick up until the Reebok era.
  6. And now I'm very relieved that the only Starter that I have is a Rangers and won't need a nameplate.
  7. Given that there was no discernible difference between the 2000-01 and 2001-02 jerseys, yes.
  8. My two Vegas TIs came in yesterday: I'm not sure who’s going on the gray but the white will be a Fleury. Both will get the inaugural season/NHL 100 patch combo.
  9. Hopefully they don’t run out of the blanks too quickly. Both of the ones I bought will be getting inaugural season patches but I’d like to do a SCF as well.
  10. I pulled the trigger and got a 56 in gray and a 58G in white. I officially own at least one jersey from every franchise in the league now. Now I need to finish getting at least one authentic jersey from every franchise. I’m only missing authentics for Columbus, Detroit and Nashville. I also don’t have any jerseys for Winnipeg but I have several Thrashers.
  11. I never said that that time period was perfect, but a lot of teams looked their best before the Edge switch. Case in point, the Stars and Flames in the 06-07 season because they'd both ditched their awful alternates. Their looks were ruined by the Edge switch.
  12. Apparently the Avs have moved to Cutting Edge. EDIT: Yep, their 2019-20 set tags say they’re done by Cutting Edge.
  13. IMHO, with a couple of exceptions here and there, I think the league never looked better than it did from 2003 to 2007.
  14. Not on the scale you see in Europe.
  15. Yes. I want to be sure that I'm looking at something normal and not something that had the NHL shield removed for some reason.
  16. No, because rioting between home and away fans rarely happens here. The separation isn’t necessary.
  17. But the game in question was on the road. Ugh...
  18. Ok, so that jersey is good to go but can only be properly customized with the 89-90 roster.
  19. They didn’t. The on-ice jerseys were only ever made by Koho and Reebok. When Reebok took over the league’s contract, all of the replicas made between 2005 and 2007 were made with CCM branding. Why they did that, no one knows.
  20. JB should have some.
  21. Did the Kings ever wear a big block without any NHL shield? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113912308666
  22. TheKevinShow

    Protoype Jerseys

    It can’t be as bad as what Nike currently uses. I’d read before that people had described Nike’s current material as trash bag-like. I didn’t know how scarily accurate that was until I actually got my hands on a TI Olympic jersey.
  23. TheKevinShow

    Protoype Jerseys

    Yeah, but Minnesota didn’t start playing until the 2000-01 season. They never wore Pro Player on ice.
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