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  1. Hi. Looking at the Kreider or Lindberg white GW jerseys you have on eBay right now. Would you be interested in making a deal for one of them? Dave
  2. There should be enough pictures out there. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Do you know what year the crest changed?
  4. Other than the changes in font for the players' names and numbers, were the 2004 Stanley Cup winners' jerseys the same as the jerseys they wore in their inaugural season?
  5. Thanks. I think that's how I'll go, especially since my other CBJ jersey (an alternate) is a Bobrovsky, and it would be a little odd to have #72 and #71 for my only two.
  6. So... for a 2015-2017 Edge 2.0 home Blue Jackets, it's down to Foligno or Atkinson. Really can't decide. Help!
  7. Thanks for that analysis! I looked at the sample on the EPS website (Johansen) and I see what you mean about the letter "E." Fortunately, the names I'm choosing among don't have the letter "E" in them, so I'll probably send it to EPS with a picture of a gamer for spacing purposes. Two years is a little long 😅.
  8. Is there anyone other than Bobcat you would trust to customize a Blue Jackets Reebok 2.0? Maybe someone with a shorter turnaround time?
  9. Looks like everyone is still in play.
  10. Good catch. It's the hat. Will have to go back and cross-reference to confirm who gets eliminated.
  11. For Blue Jackets home jersey Edge 2.0 wordmark (2011-17), narrowed it down to these: 17 Dubinsky (A), 13 Atkinson, 71 Foligno (C), 61 Nash (C), or 72 Bobrovsky?
  12. Well, turns out it was single-stitched with no adhesives. Half an hour with the seam ripper, and now it's off to EPS for a new name plate.
  13. As of right now he has 6,534 listings, of which 4,877 are for Edge 2.0 jerseys.
  14. I got it on clearance from a local 's Sporting Goods. Guess I'll try my luck when I get home. Thanks
  15. Does anyone know if the nameplates on the Adidas Indo-Authentics use adhesive, or are the nameplates just sewn onto the jersey? I have a jersey I want to send for a name replacement (keeping the original number), and am trying to decide if I can remove the old name myself or should pay extra for EPS to do it when they put on the new one.
  16. Any recommendations for who to have customize a 1990s Nordiques CCM?
  17. Yeah. Back then management made a point of acquiring stars whose best days were behind them. I think it had something to do with a misunderstanding of the time-space continuum.
  18. Lol. Rangers shouldn't have traded him. He had some very good years in LA. I've been wearing it to watch the games lately.
  19. Interesting. Any suggestions So among others, that would include Wilson, Owen Nolan and Brian Mullen (an original Shark and personal fav who did most of his work elsewhere). I already have a teal jersey done as Granato. Any suggestions?
  20. What was the last year they wore CCM?
  21. Really? When did the Sharks "jump" away from the CCM? What did the Sharks wear in Marleau's rookie year of 97/98?
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