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  1. Dr_Puck

    It arrived today v. 8.0

  2. Dr_Puck

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    @mfitz804, you should sell that jersey to me. I have his red jersey arriving from Meigray on Monday, would like to complete the set.
  3. Dr_Puck

    eBay version 4.0

    I bid today on a jersey from a pro team in Germany using the German ebay interface. Same website, same functionality, easy to convert Euros to Dollars even if my browser was slow to translate everything. However, after I became the high bidder I realized the team doesn't ship to the States. To avoid international shipping on my own sales, I simply exclude non-US places from my posts. But the team didn't do that, and I bid. Now I'm left to wonder if they'll cancel my bid or just hose me on international shipping. [Edit: Outbid already, still tempted to push it though.]
  4. Dr_Puck

    Well I'll Be f*****

    This might be the greatest thread name in IJ's history.
  5. Dr_Puck

    Meigray Expo 2019

    No way. If Meigray lowers the prices on their jerseys on the primary market, that's going to prompt collectors in general to knock down prices on the secondary. That's going to only drive down prices for Meigray in the end. Meigray has a vested interest in keeping prices at a certain level-- which explains why they haven't done a flash sale in a while and also why only random gamers seem to go up for bidding on ebay.
  6. Dr_Puck

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Meigray can't lower prices-- that would upset the grail hoarders on Facebook too much.
  7. Another oft-asked question. How do Pro Players run? One of our esteemed members here has a size 52 Rangers that I really want but need to confirm. A 52 Pro Player should be close to that in a CCM, right?
  8. Dr_Puck

    *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    The IIHF group is my favorite these days. No drama and some unique jerseys. I've seen stuff from random countries I barely knew existed, let alone had international or even low level pro teams. Only issue: Random stuff like watches and track suits gets shared. Otherwise, it's the one group out there that's not overflowing with the same jerseys.
  9. Dr_Puck

    eBay version 4.0

    Wait until Facebook starts to monetize sales, that will send hundreds of people scurrying back to forums like this. Since we have basically 3.5 people contributing here on a regular basis ... it will be a shock.
  10. Dr_Puck

    customization laugher

    I saw a monstrosity tonight. Red Premier material, Reebok Vector on the neck, big block CCM on the lower/back hem, fight strap, 1993 all-star game patch, Roy/33 material that was so puffy the guy nearly floated into the sky. I am just astounded that a counterfeiter would go to such great lengths. Admittedly, I have never seen a CCM/Reebok Frankenstein until tonight-- but this is going to haunt my dreams.
  11. Dr_Puck

    eBay version 4.0

    I kept getting low bids from one would-be buyer on two random jerseys and despite their pleas, I simply could not drop the prices down to 'Huge loss status.' Finally got rid of OBO on those two while my others remain OBO. Ebay's tirekickers and lowballers are tenacious.
  12. Dr_Puck

    Grail stories

    Blargh, I can't remember my Imgur login info. Settle for this instead. That was back when I posted new arrivals.
  13. Dr_Puck

    Grail stories

    My famous "nail" (near grail) story involves spending two years trying to track down a jersey from the Williamsport Outlaws, a team that played their games outdoors in a baseball stadium for 2/3 of a season in the Federal Hockey League. I called multiple Williamsport city offices, begged league execs and a couple of players, asked some of my friends to look out for them locally in Williamsport. Finally I tracked down a player who had no idea what PayPal was, so I had to visit two grocery stores to find a Western Union, coordinate with him to find a local grocery store in the middle of Ohio to accept the money. Sent him off a couple of hundred bucks with no assurances he'd send me the agreed upon jersey. Two weeks later, I received a package with not one but two of his Williamsport gamers-- and they both had the captain's C. To this day, these are still the only Williamsport Outlaws jerseys in the hobby. No one else has them.
  14. Dr_Puck

    Grail stories

    I'd been after a Binghamton Whalers goalie gamer for years but could not find one. When the Peter Sidorkewicz collection went up on Classic a few years ago, I bid but just could not pull the trigger initially because of the cost. I was inconsolable over not getting it. The one bleeping time I winced at a price and it cost me my grail. Fifteen months ago I ended up tracking down the collector who had it-- Joe Polseno-- and Joe sold me the B-Whalers and one of Sid's Albany River Rats gamers. Joe had listed one of the plaques that was sold with the Binghamton collection on Classic and I messaged him through ebay about it. We did an off-ebay deal that cost me a ton but I am very happy to have that Binghamton. Speaking of that Classic auction ... if anyone has one of Sidorkewicz's OTHER jerseys that moved, I'd grab it.