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  1. Fellow weirdo here. Totally bought from RCS ads out of Hockey News as a kid. Had an Isles fishsticks and original Preds from them that I remember.
  2. So, trying to not get too excited about what could be nothing, but. I saw some MiC team stock for this coming season (don’t ask, I can’t tell where/how). Anyways, the team stock came with retail adidas tags in the collar, in addition to the usual TI card at the end of one sleeve. Thought it was very odd to see retail adidas tags on team stock.
  3. I somewhat recently requested a kit and it still took over a month. And they charge the same price for the kit as they would to do the jersey itself. So I'd only recommend it if time is of the essence since you then have to pay to get it added on. Unless you do that yourself
  4. 1 month 4 days for a kit order. Which I don't recommend doing because as I found out after I requested it, they charge the same $$$ for the kit as they would to do the thing themselves. I may not pay this one for a while 😈
  5. TheBZ


    Entertaining to you, maybe 😂
  6. Ha! They did hit me for a spot nameplate cleaning that I didn’t request, so that might have done it.
  7. Well stupid me assumed they could mail a kit in a week or so. So I’d rather have done that than have a jersey sit for months. But if it still takes months just to get a kit then I guess I’m SOL.
  8. How long does EPS usually take to invoice for just a loose kit? At over a week now and didn’t think it would take very long...
  9. Trying hard not to hate everyone finding MIC Hawks jerseys here 😫
  10. Pens Adidas MIC added.
  11. Yeah they ran out of white edge material a while ago. Not sure about red. And yeahhh I think it was $5 or $10, can't remember anymore.
  12. No but in this case CSL did them for the game (and the alternate set). They may not use it, though. I couldn't get the stuff they use on ice for the Adidas jerseys on the ones I've given them.
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