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  1. I plan at being at the game. I just coach basketball and have a game that night that I’m trying to get out of.
  2. I don't get it. Frank Serravelli said that the USA sleeves were designed based off of Eagle's wings. What's Canada's excuse?
  3. Yup, good to know that for the future now
  4. Hmm, it looks like it was a Money request. I feel like i've done a money request in the past and it still worked but maybe i'm incorrect. I know it's worked in the past to not have to pay for six months through the same way but maybe I did get an invoice in the past. I asked for them to send me a invoice through PayPal like I have in the past. Guess this time they did it different. Who knows? I'm just glad I checked before the payment due date.
  5. I'm not sure where the best place to put this is but... I just noticed that my deposit for my pre-order this year that I made through PayPal Credit isn't a No Interest for Six Months deal. So, I know that there is a couple of you that like to use PP Credit so make sure that you have that deal before you wait to long and start getting hit with interest. This is the first time that I haven't had it.
  6. 'twas me. Pained me as all hell to buy them but i'm getting married in a month and needed groomsmen gifts.
  7. No idea what you put there but basically it says "Excludes NFL, NHL, MLB, etc jerseys" but the code still works for said Adidas jerseys.
  8. And now today on Fanatics.com you get 25% off orders over $30 with the code 25OFF30. It doesn't include Adidas jerseys but it works for Adidas jerseys.
  9. I bought mine on the 15th of September and got them, looked at them, thought meh, and put them in the closet. They've sat there since. Last night I decided I was going to return them only to go to the returns page on NHL Shop to see that "Before returning this item, we ask that you please Contact Customer Service for further instructions." Ugh.
  10. The call's coming from inside the house...
  11. Credit card or they can send you an invoice through PayPal (you can use PayPal Credit). They reached out to me yesterday about what I requested (Flyers stuff).
  12. There's a lawsuit waiting to happen. "if anything EVER happens to your jersey..." The actual program states " Your jersey is covered under Jersey Assurance for 90 days following your purchase. For player movement claims, you have 14 days to file a claim after the movement is officially announced by team or league. "
  13. Hi there, saw your message in the old World Cup of Hockey thread - I'm wondering if you could help me out with Adidas jersey sizes. I typically wear either a 46 or 50 Edge. How does the WCOH Adidas jersey stack up against the Reebok Edge? Thanks so much!

    1. Hollywood Cannon

      Hollywood Cannon

      They were pretty similar to the Edge 2.0's. Maybe a little slimmer but nothing really that noticeable. Basically the same from my experience. 

  14. I just got my Flyers and Avs jerseys in. I'll reserve complete judgement until I could hold a on-ice jersey in my hands but hot these jerseys are basically Premiers in both weight and material. I'll hold onto them simply because the Avs switched styles and I want a Patrick jersey this year. But early returns show that the Indo-Edge was nicer.
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