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  1. In the minority, but I actually don’t mind it. Could it be better absolutely. But for a one off sweater I don’t feel it’s terrible.
  2. Capitals stadium series Uniforms https://www.nhl.com/capitals/news/the-capitals-2018-stadium-series-jersey/c-295017208
  3. Has anyone been to a game in Vegas this year? Does the team store have prelettered sweaters? If they do are they adidas s*** screen printed or good quality? Thanks in advance
  4. So has anyone who purchased one of the adi-zero jersey tried to remove the little adidas bubble logo near the hem?
  5. Hope I can get an answer here. But does anyone know of a customizer I can use that is capable of lettering the new specialty jerseys such as mothers/fathers day, and Memorial Day thanks.
  6. I have a number of jerseys I'm trying to sell. Currently only have them on eBay, but will offer a 25 dollar savings and free shipping to members here. http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=demmajohn9&_pgn=1&isRefine=true
  7. Agreed does look very nice, made me double take at some photos from this season to double check.
  8. Any particular reason you had the kit was, kisscut? Aren't they stacked on ice?
  9. Agreed. That's my biggest complaint. A simple, black/white two layer number would have been perfect
  10. I really did like the look of the white and black jerseys. I think the numbering might also contribute to my opinion. The arm numbers just look slapped on and don't flow with the jersey. They just look chunky.
  11. Anyone else kind of underwhelmed by the jerseys after seeing them on the ice? Thought I was hell bent on buying a purple to get done up, but after seeing them in the game. I'm just not sure anymore
  12. Looking for 2 tickets for the hawks v oilers on 2/18/17 at the United Center. If anyone is looking to sell...
  13. Maybe with the new unis the wild will go back to wearing green at home full time
  14. That framed patch set is sharp. well done
  15. Definitely not a fan of how the patch is placed over the stripes on teams like the oilers jerseys
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