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  1. DHD28


    Are there any size 44s in that collection?
  2. Gents-- What year was the home red air-knit CCM used? 1993-94?
  3. Said the exact same thing in the Classifieds section. Fricken love 1.0s
  4. Spud, great update & sweet Cat. CSL has had my 3 jerseys since Wednesday 3/6. Hoping they can pump these out quickly.
  5. The thing is, I don’t think it’s Tom who’s responding. I think it’s Ryan.
  6. And curious, was there any dialogue about this piece either before or after you sent it in with CSL? I ask because I seem to only get one word responses to my emails.
  7. What kinda nameplate for the Kaner?
  8. What material does the nameplate consist of? Looks like its matching the body fabric as well?
  9. Anyone have a black edge nameplate?
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