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  1. Love the EPL jerseys. Even spot an original version of the sleeve badge. Minus one for it being an Arsenal shirt.
  2. C'mon LAK74, let's hear it.
  3. How many jerseys do you have in your collection? For bonus points, how long have you been collecting?
  4. Is there any chance at all that this is an elaborate marketing scheme? Because if so, it worked. I'll be picking up a copy of that book right away!
  5. Ah, I see that now. Thanks for pointing that out (Insert jackass sound here).
  6. I'm sure this is posted somewhere in the forum, but couldn't find a single source. Where can I find a really reliable source that show which jersey manufacturer a team wore in a given year? I've found that Nhluniforms.com has a lot of inaccuracies. For example, they don't show that the wings wore Nike jerseys, or that the Pedators wore ccm jerseys with the ccm logo on the tail. So, anyone know of another source? Thanks.
  7. Couldn't agree more about wearing whites at home! Come on Betman, make hockey fun again.
  8. That's some funny shiz right there.
  9. Never, never buy a jersey at full retail. Take that money and put it in an IRA. - Your Mom.
  10. The Kings jersey I just picked up from Pens4ever!
  11. Yes, five years later it's still very helpful
  12. Just bought a jersey from pens4ever. Great transaction, good price, jersey is in great condition and shipped super fast from Germany. Thanks!
  13. Really? Did you talk to bobcat about it? The few samples I saw looked pretty good but I'm far from an expert. I wonder where they get them done? Btw, no authentic golds at Staples team store as of yesterday.
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