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  1. Ice Jerseys ticket exchange

    If anyone is looking for Blackhawks tickets this season, happy to trade games, or sell outright (individual game or partial season).. Have (2) in 313 on Aisle and (3) in 107 in Aisle Also always open to barter for Smaller sized 92 Barberpole or Edge 1.0 sz 50
  2. Ice Jerseys ticket exchange

    Blackhawks vs Blues - Game 4 (home game (Tuesday 19th) looking to Trade (+$possibly) for game 6 (knock of wood) (home game C) PM if interested can workout details
  3. The Want List

    Hunting for a Blackhawks edge 1.0 in red or white, Sz 50. Can barter this sz46 black alt 2.0 new with tags If your a sens fan, sure. It's actually a Ccm men's small, not kids, was mixing up with another jersey. PM me
  4. The Want List

    Wasn't aware the ultrafil's went this small so will add another wanted: sz 44/46 '92 Barberpole Blackhawks To any senators fans, i found a kids sized jersey from 90s... happy to pass along to good home, PM me
  5. Ice Jerseys ticket exchange

    I still have Blackhawks vs Coyotes 4/5 if anyone wants to swap games
  6. The official IceJerseys swapping table

    Yes JB does have stock currently in all sizes, it comes and goes with the black though. I like his blank offering as we locally can get the jerseys done up by the shop that does the teams jersey's. I could possibly get this one named/numbered up from there depending the trade.
  7. Ice Jerseys ticket exchange

    Too bad its not a unicorn sz48 barberpole If anyone is interested in trading games... I have conflicts on these dates: 3/22 Hawks vs Dallas - Tues 7:30 4/5 hawks vs Ariz - Tues 7:30
  8. The official IceJerseys swapping table

    I got 3 of them from Jersey Baron last year, may have the description in error, but even he describes them as edge 2.0 7287 (example below) Edit sorry, its a 46, i was on barber pole thought path
  9. The official IceJerseys swapping table

    Great idea with this thread... I have never worn with tags Blackhawks Black alternate 08-09 edge 2.0 sz46 not named or branded yet. I'd be interested in any sz50 edge 1.0s, pref hawks or former hawk player related, but open to others as well I also have edge premier's: Black Alternate Sharp - sz M Red Shaw - sz M White blank NEW - Sz S
  10. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Great info! Ive bought several 2.0s from him off eBay, clearly going to go direct to him next time
  11. The Want List

    Agreed on that block ccm. Not sure how hard the sz44's are to find though, I figure ChiCitySports or other local shop could likely get numbers and nameplate back to correct form
  12. The Want List

    Saw one today
  13. The Want List

    I'll make claim to any elf sized ones you passs on
  14. The Want List

    If anyone is parting with, or knows of Edge 1.0 7187 blackhawks jersey's in sz50 (possibly 46)... Open to any color Also seeking '92 Barberpole's Thanks