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  1. I've been out of the loop too for some time now. So how does it work with addias now? Are there replicas, indo authentics and then made in canada authentics? I'm guessing it's just one type of jersey sold everywhere which is made in Indonesia and made in Canadas are not able to be bought anywhere.
  2. Got it. $200 for a blank authentic isn't bad, if that's the case.
  3. So just to clarify (I haven't been following), Adiadas will sell the Canadian on ice jerseys for $200 blank, cheaper indo edge style jerseys made overseas (sold at nhl shop, etc.) and then fanatics owns the rights to sell replicas? What's the material and patch difference like with all three? Because the patches and crest on the Hawks replicas compared to indo and 2.0 are terrible.
  4. So, I succumbed to buying an indo, because finding a white Hawks 2.0 was impossible. In a size 50, the only place that I have seen with them for a year is JB and I wasn't willing to pay the premium. I got this Kane from the Hawks store for $210 with tax. Size 46 2.0 on top of the new size 50 white indo:
  5. The Blackhawks store right by me has a 40% off sale for jerseys. An indo customized is $350. I got a road kane one because no one has road 2.0s except jb. Been that way for a long time and I've been wanting a road authentic so I got one. $210 total. Went with a size 50 since my hawks home 46 (2.0) is a tad small. Is the 2.0 46 comparable to the indo 50?
  6. Yeah, it seems like that. Oh well. I will go for a road hawks jersey instead for now. They might be a little different next year when adidas takes over tho.
  7. Hopefully by early next week we get something concrete, so I can order a customized jersey that will get here before the tournament starts.
  8. Are these jerseys customizable from somewhere yet?
  9. Is that official customizing? That's an avs store, I'm guessing, which means nhl shop can do official customizing maybe?
  10. Its $242 usd on adidas, after tax and shipping from a canadian here, to the states. Not sure what jb will charge, but I'd guess $270 off ebay.
  11. I'm in the same boat. Was about to pull the trigger on one, but I'd rather just wait until customization is confirmed.
  12. I see. Would I have to wait and send it somewhere to get customized? Not sure what material it would be.
  13. Haha, can't beat $200 usd. I guess thats why baron is charging so much? How much extra is it to get it done by adidas with kane?
  14. I see. A 360 would be good then. Any fellow canucks want to help a yank out?
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