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  1. yea if you zoom in enough on the collar you can tell the ones w the little circle adidas logo on the front are the indos and say "made in indonesia"
  2. would you mind posting a few more photos of the back numbers and sleeve numbers up close to the detail. waiting for my kesler to be done
  3. have a kesler being done by eps will post photos once it comes ??
  4. i just ordered 4 mighty ducks alternate captain A's. they charged me 7$ a pop
  5. need similar help...any link to a contact would be great!
  6. looking for both 2011 and 2015 capitals winter classic jerseys. something between 50-56. if done up correctly would be interested too if its an ovi. thanks!
  7. looking to order a few caps sweaters and it sounds like we like the same size/fit if you don't mind me asking how tall are you? i have a size 50 stadium series ducks jersey and love the fit cause like you i want to be able to wear it, yet anaheim's size 50 home/aways/3rds are much different. this will be my first venture into another team other than the ducks any help would be appreciated edit: didn't read this clearly sorry. what is it you don't like about the 52 winter classic one?
  8. teemu selanne 06-07 away stanley cup reebok 48 authentic. only thing technically "wrong" w the jersey is the A as the one he wore for the one game pronger was suspended in the 07 final, was that gigantic obnoxious A the team wore that year. this one is still fairly large and i think just looks better, sue me haha. teemu selanne colorado avalanche 03-04 koho 48 authentic. teemu talks about this year as a bad dream and how much his career was trending downwards during this year...slashed iced time, injury, not getting along w the coach. i remember when him and kariya signed there being so excited as a kid for them to go and win their cup with my second favorite team the avs. sakic, forsberg, hejduk were all some of my favorites. the team was just stacked and for whatever reason it didn't work. i always loved this 3rd and wish colorado kept it, the blue one they had after just looks bad to me. anyways took a while to track down the size and style i wanted but once i did sent it to denver athletic who stitches the avs jerseys and they did a knock out job. love it. wayne gretzky 99 rangers home starter 48 authentic. if someone can correct me to if this is what was actually worn during that year by NYR id appreciate it but regardless i just love the jersey. has some nostalgia to me as my mom took me to see the rangers v. ducks when it was the great ones last year so could see him live in person. i absolutely love the feel/fit/style of this jersey too, its how they should be done in my opinion, its just so nice. reebok suuuucks.
  9. teemu selanne 05-06 mighty ducks #13 home reebok 52 authentic. obviously he had to wear 13 due to ozolinsh being on the team and wrongfully taking number 8 from the flash. makes for a unique jersey though, was quite the challenge to find the reebok style to match what was worn that year. teemu selanne 1998 nhl all star game world team jersey authentic ccm 48. the ASG teemu won MVP after recording a hat trick in the game. teemu selanne 98-99 home mighty ducks jersey. just a classic. took me forever to find one for some reason. easily one of my favorites.
  10. paul kariya 98-99 home white 3rd 48 nike authentic paul kariya 2002 team canada home nike 48 authentic signed paul kariya 2003 nhl all star game western conference ccm 48 authentic. this jersey is especially unique and special to me because its one of the very few if only time kariya didn't wear number 9. mike modano was wearing it this game and have to believe the "vet" card was played.
  11. Hey ICEJERSEY's friends. -Feel free to look at my eBay seller ID (orangecountysparkle) with 98% feedback , if you prefer to work through there I'll have no problem making a listing for you. -Will ship via USPS including a tracking to ensure delivery and confirmation. CANADA/International we can work out fair shipping. -Any questions feel free to ask. FOR SALE: TEEMU SELANNE - SIGNED REEBOK LARGE 2013 3rd JERSEY DEBUT TAG in NECK HEM - $200 SAMI VATANEN / TEEMU SELANNE - ANAHEIM DUCKS 10 YR CUP ANNIVERSARY WARM UP JERSEY $1000 OBO (this is what I paid for it) CAM FOWLER MIGHTY DUCKS ORANGE 3rd JERSEY w ALTERNATE A and 100 PATCH 56 TEAM ISSUED - 375 RYAN GETZLAF MIGHTY DUCKS ORANGE 3rd JERSEY w C and 100 PATCH 58 TEAM ISSUED - 499 BOBBY RYAN - PLAYER WORN PRACTICE JERSEY - 199 COREY PERRY 2015 NHL ALL STAR GAME 52 - JERSEY BARON - 399 RICKARD RAKELL - HOME + AWAY ADIDAS TEAM ISSUED 399 BRANDON MONTOUR MIGHTY DUCKS ORANGE 3rd JERSEY - 350 COREY PERRY - HOCKEY FIGHTS CANCER WARM UP JERSEY 300
  12. 98-99 Anaheim Away Alternate Nike Dazzle Nameplates. Got a Selanne done up by EPS and the nameplate they used was the "Adidas Dazzle" they told me so going through the process of fixing it to be correct and ordered a blank on eBay and got it cut at a local cleaners to create my own and hopefully a few for y'all to enjoy. 12$ 3 available
  13. haha thank you!! i plan too!
  14. thank you sir! the baron did my 20th throwbacks. i will tell you, you got the real deal and yours looks fantastic
  15. just saw these reply's! much appreciated! yes teemu night was incredible!! solid solid collection yourself my friend!
  16. man those tampa's are incredible!!!
  17. thank you for this!!! very much appreciated
  18. thank you very much! never enough! haha
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