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  1. Hockey Bob


    Thanks guys. Gimmie back the 6100's! I'm old and fear change 😋
  2. Hockey Bob


    Is it concerning that they listed them as "Adidas Adizero"? I thought the Adizero term was the retail version? With the button on the front?? Maybe I'm not up on the correct terminology 😐 Is the Adizero the On Ice version?
  3. Wait, You said those were CAT hairs! D'Oh
  4. NoooooOOOOooooo! You may not want to mention this in your FS thread.
  5. This makes me cringe. How many jerseys have we exchanged? Now I need to shower with bleach 😭
  6. Hockey Bob

    eBay version 4.0

    Holy smokes! A team repair on one of the arms, washed a lot of times AND sourced straight from a locker room person!?! Why aren't you people bidding!?! https://www.ebay.com/itm/RAY-BOURQUE-1991-92-BOSTON-BRUINS-GAME-WORN-75TH-PATCH-HOCKEY-JERSEY-TEAM-REPAIR/312799589980 I don't know what the blurry pics are of Boourque are supposed to show.
  7. I bought so many jerseys from River City Sports. I thought I was the only weirdo Most notably I got my green North Stars from them and a big block CCM Pens without the NHL shield that at the time had me thinking they were selling knock offs until I found this board. I think I still have a few of their mailers they sent out. Loved that place
  8. That Clark is a Beauty!
  9. I need a contact! Who is on your WC? I have 2 white (one Kane, one Keith size 56 - the size they wear) 2 red (same) 2 Black Alts (same) They set me back quite a bit but I don't regret it - at the time I was able to sell a bunch of lawn equipment I bought when I was cutting mom's grass. Mom's downsizing to a condo was the windfall I needed!
  10. I think the reason I like them is that they were so hard to get and expensive due to rarity. I have 7 team issued Hawks and 1 Colorado so far which is perfect because I like my stuff crispy clean. Hoping that if I am ever hard pressed to move them I'll be able to break even. Now, how to get my grubby mitts on the latest version
  11. It's amazing how much I disliked this style until I was able to get one. Now I gotta find a Cat! Nice score
  12. Got a jersey from Mfitz804 Sweet USA jersey, thank you sir! This one you won't be getting back😎 Always a pleasure working with you
  13. Hockey Bob

    eBay version 4.0

    Fitz is 100% right You didn't mix them up, not your problem to resolve They should send you a shipping label pre-paid
  14. Hockey Bob

    eBay version 4.0

    Ha! People say I look like him... not sure that's a compliment Somebody bought that TBTC at lower than he was offering me to buy it.
  15. Looks like a Chicago Bears jersey 😋
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