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  1. Seems like a few that were able to get their hands on the 2019-20 Hawks went the route of Dach. That's where mine was going but it has me thinking I need to switch it up for a little diversity. I really wish mine were 56's as there are more choices of players in that size but in the end I might just have to own Kane & Keith in 58 Looking good Billy Ray! (feeling good Louis... aw, you get it)
  2. It's odd, I have a bunch of stuff I never liked *but had to have. The 2017-19 collar on the Hawks jerseys looked really dumb, but now that I have one I want more
  3. I'm sure you could add a finders fee and take orders from us here on the board. If you come across a size 56 Blackhawks MIC please shoot me a PM
  4. Alright Brent, you and I are sharing a brain. Those are Fantastic!!
  5. Beats me but when I copied the link into my search bar I got a warning. You may want to check the link you posted
  6. Google says these are viral images
  7. Hockey Bob

    eBay version 4.0

    Oh yeah, for sure He was an enforcer right? And Who could forget the Denny Pratt incident....?
  8. I picked up a small block green ultrafil that had heat pressed lettering on it. That Facebook guy that does "jersey restoration" has had success cleaning vinyl stuff off and I figured I better see what a crest is gonna cost me before I try and piece this all together. I'll probably do it anyway but spread it out over time like all of my other projects
  9. Thank you for the tip! Sorry for the late reply, I was in Texas all week for work.
  10. Have not tried that, probably wouldn't Too much room for error for me
  11. NEEDED Devil's 10th anniversary patch 1990-95 Bruins Shoulder patches Crest for a N-Stars 1981-88 Help a brother out 😎
  12. Good call, I typically have old junk t-shirts that I use so that didn't cross my mind. Although, I don't recall ever seeing glue - I know others have said they did.
  13. My iron has a "cotton" setting on it I typically wet the fabric, get lots of steam going and run it over a few times. (Never let it sit) To be extra careful, lay a t-shirt over the area Slow and steady - Regret is a wicked B*tch
  14. If what you've been doing hasn't caused any bleeding I would continue that route until you are satisfied. Maybe it's just the pics but it looks like it is all about gone. Last step I would do is hit it with an iron with TONS of steam. I've had luck doing that, it seems to melt the rest into the fabric and you don't see it. (I haven't tried this method on Adidas black fabric so maybe best to keep at it as you've been doing)
  15. Probably something similar to River City Sports for those that bought from them back in the 90's (good lord that was 25yrs ago + for me) They used to have everything and now it seems all they sell are Premier jerseys. Maybe they had a contract that ran out or they are trying to sell off what they have left for as much as they can. Hopefully someone will take their place and start selling the Adidas stuff.
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