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  1. schulzmc

    2015 Winter Classic

    I have my Hawks authentic from JB and am going to wait for the game to happen before I get it customized. I want to see if someone has a big game. Might help me decide who to get on it. And I echo the above comments. It is an awesome jersey. The tomahawks on the sleeves are amazing.
  2. schulzmc

    2015 Winter Classic

  3. schulzmc

    2015 Winter Classic

    Tomahawks look awesome. I need to find an authentic one of those...
  4. schulzmc

    Gamers. To wear or not to wear?

    I wear jerseys to church - and I'm the pastor!
  5. schulzmc

    The Official IceJerseys MLB thread

    This just in from the MLB shop. Fortunately they left the name off the back (unlike the pictures on the MLB shop site that had names) since the Cubs wore them nameless on June 2nd this year.
  6. schulzmc

    It is good or not?

    So say we all...
  7. schulzmc

    Blackhawks crest

  8. schulzmc

    The Official IceJerseys MLB thread

    After years of looking I FINALLY found a 1990 Cubs Rawlings road jersey. This one will be joining its home version brother to get the 1990 All star game patch and I'll finally have some Dawson jerseys in my collection! BTW - I've started a new baseball jersey blog that will chronicle the "double knit era" for the Cubs. Here's the link, if you are interested... Blue Pinstripe
  9. schulzmc

    New arrivals v5.0

    The crest on that Mooseheads is awesome!
  10. schulzmc

    It is good or not?

    Premiers are not worthless. They're fine. But we were just pointing out that for $230 you can get an authentic which you will like a lot better than the premier. And the Indo-Edge jerseys are NOT the same thing the players wear on the ice. You might as well save your money and get a reasonably priced premier. So, to summarize... Fakes - do not buy under any circumstances, for any price - owning one is not something a legitimate fan or collector would do Premier - nice jersey's for the price, but different cut and often different patches (screen printed or not chain stitched, etc.) - if you can't or don't want to spend $200+ for a jersey this is the way to go Edge made in Indonesia - a new phenomenon this year that Rebook is trying to pass these off as authentic jerseys, but are NOT the same as the jerseys the players wear - don't buy, not worth the $$ True Authentic Edge - not as easy to find, but well worth the $200+ if you want to spend that - you can easily find one of these for your team for the same $$$ you spent on the premier
  11. schulzmc

    Chicago Blackhawks Nation...

    My earliest memories of the Hawks are watching in black and white on UHF TV with my dad. I'm so thrilled that WWW is gone, and I can again see most games on TV! And HDTV is a little better than how I started watching... For next year they need to get healthy, and they need a big, mean, goon. Where is Probert when you need him?
  12. schulzmc

    New arrivals v5.0

    nice Hawks TBTC. You outbid me on that one.
  13. schulzmc

    New arrivals v5.0

    Love that Probert! I need to get one of those Nike thirds...
  14. Ok - truly not trying to start something here... But how can you, based on what you have said recently here on this board, consign your collection? Wouldn't you want to screen buyers so they share your passion for preserving the history of the jerseys?
  15. schulzmc

    Ebay 2.0

    I love the red background in the middle of the tomahawk patches. Unbelievable.