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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a few things. Please let me know if anybody has any of these: - Iginla Heritage Classic (52 or 54). Don't need a blank already have one, just want one done already - Late 80s Flames home jersey stitched or blank, 89 jersey would be amazing - New Flames alternate 52, 54, 56 - Any new (reebok word on the back collar) Pens or Bruins jerseys 54, 56 - Crosby light blue (Buffalo winter classic) alternate 52, 54 - Other cool flames or Iginla stuff that I may have missed Thanks
  2. Looking for anything Flames (wearable 48 - 50 pre-edge stuff / black horsehead alternate or 50 - 54 edge). Or an Iginla black Pens or White Bruins jersey. Looking for any of these, also interested in anything at all from the 88-89 season (Fleury, Lanny, Blank, etc). Thanks -Bryan
  3. Looking for Penguins Home or Away Edge please and only this seasons with Reebok word on back of neck, not symbol. Thanks very much
  4. Just wondering if there is somewhere to find / buy just single shoulder numbers instead of full kits? I'm looking to track down a single "12" shoulder set for a Flames Edge Home and Alternate jersey to have stitched to the back of infant jerseys. If anybody knows where to point me for these it would be greatly apprecuated (also looking for proper colour shoulder Flames crests to have stitched over the screened fronts). Thanks very much
  5. Hey, thanks. Yeah you're right on the money, I am used to that "shiny" synthetic feel which I like to wear (warmer in winter or at a game) but also as you said, really do soak up the water (I wear a 1.0 practice jersey to pickup and it can tend to accumulate moisture and get heavy). Ok, just wanted to ask...... I knew about the 2.0s but with the huge difference in feel it didn't even occur to me til I got back home. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. Hey guys, just a quick question. I was in Calgary a couple weeks back and saw a Heritage Classic jersey that I had been looking for on sale at a shop there. I didn't buy it because the material felt considerably lighter and rougher than any of the authentics that I have. I was worried about it being a fake (as I have actually seen in some small independent shops but this is a reputable chain) and it made me think after that maybe that is what the 2.0s are like as I only have 1.0s and have never seen the new version. Is that the case? They do feel considerably cheaper than the 1.0s in hindsit which I was surprised by if indeed this is an authentic. Thanks
  7. Seriously? Wow....that must have been a he'll of a deal though? Last one I saw the guy wanted $250 firm. Too steep?
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if anybody could give me some advice on what a fair price for a great (new) condition 2002 Canada Olympic jersey is? I really want one and don't want that to result in me paying way too much for one so I'm looking for a fair range to shoot for. Thanks
  9. Hmmmm, that doesn't sound good. I was going to order before the end of the week but don't like the sounds of this. Did you call them to check status? I called last week to see how long the sale would be on and they seemed friendly and really helpful by phone. Let us know if that helps sort things out please.
  10. No problem man, I appreciate the clarification regardless, bought a few jerseys here and there but just starting to get "in" to the hobby really. I'll make a separate thread when I get a chance to take pics just to show how different these side panels are just between teams and to stop clogging this thread up. Thanks again
  11. Sorry, I wasn't very clear in how I put my post. I knew that one was authentic, was just curious if there are any others like that ever out there thay anybody knows of. I keep checking on ebay....no luck as of yet
  12. Ok. I'll get pictures up soon. Neither are fakes though definitely. The Flames Edge one was bought from the Flames fanzone (Team authorized shop) in Calgary a couple years back for $225 on sale. The Leafs one was bought from Sportchek near Toronto last week and it is tagged as and came up on the system as "Leafs Authentic Edge". I can't see team authorized shops or Sportchek selling anything fake. Actually now that I hold them side-by-side I may be thinking that they were so different simply due to the different cut that they have. Both have same back fabric and collar tagging but The Flames one seems to have broader shoulders with the non mes material taking up more real-estate where the Leafs one has a different pattern from the shoulder panels (thicker more "closed" fabric) down through the sides. I made the mistake of buying a fake for cheap a few years back and neither of these are anywhere near the same ballpark of that one. Thanks for the help.
  13. Just wondering if anybody on here has a Penguins Winter Classic Edge that they could post some pictures of? There are a bunch floating all over the place and I think the main differentiators would be the print on the back inside neckline and the WC Patch. I know you guys on here know exactly what is and isn't real so would love to get some help sorting this out. Thanks
  14. Ok, I'm new to this forum and therefore some of the more detailed specifics of this hobby. I thought they were both available retail, I have a 2 year old Flames Edge that is a completely different material than a Leafs Edge that I just picked up last week (lighter more airknit type fabric vs the heavier more sheen fabric of the Flames one). Thought this was the 1.0-->2.0 difference?
  15. Are the $150 Edge jerseys from RCS 1.0 or 2.0 or does it depend on team/style?
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