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  1. Jay3313

    Remind Me If Indo Edges Are Still Retail

    Oilers team store had 2.0s last time I was in Rexall. I never noticed or saw any indos...huh.
  2. Jay3313


    Indo Edge are better than Premier. At least they have sewn on crests and don't have the weird vinyl shoulder patches (not that this matters for a Rangers jersey, mind you). Those differences aside, they are very very similar jerseys. Meigray has some white Rangers 1.0s for clearance for wicked cheap. Honestly, that jersey is way better than an Indo in terms of quality. http://www.meigray.com/edealinv/servlet/ExecMacro?nurl=control/StoreItem.vm&ctl_nbr=2381&siId=6663040&catLevel=1&scLevel=0&thisCatLevel=&oldParentID=57411&catParentID=57411&scId=57411 I've seen Indos for as cheap as $50 (mind you, they were Red Wings, but still), so $130 is pretty high in my mind. If you keep a watchful eye on eBay or on the trading post here, you are bound to get a 1.0 or 2.0 Rangers jersey for not much more. It'd be worth the wait.
  3. Jay3313

    Your top 5 favourite jerseys in the NHL this season

    Blues Home Blues Away Jets Away Leafs Alternate Ottawa Alternate I'd like to see the Leafs winter classic back again and the white Habs one with the blue stripe (46 throwback is it?)