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  1. Hawks2797

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Love that Manitoba Moose! Nice shirt!
  2. Hawks2797

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    With all he's been getting done lately he may forget he had a couple of those done.. Hell of a job on this as well Brilliant!
  3. Hawks2797

    Nameplates Needed

    Looking for Nike Flo Knit in Navy for a 2002 USA jersey.
  4. Hawks2797


    And if Bob doesn't have what you want, highly unlikely LMK.
  5. Hawks2797


    Wow totally missed that one..
  6. Hawks2797

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    EPS does the Av's gamers now.
  7. Hawks2797

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    I take that back. I confirmed with CSL they are doing the on ice Hawks for the Winter Classic
  8. Hawks2797

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Very disappointing but I guess kind of expected. I bought a blank and figured I’d have it customized by CSL. Now hearihg that they aren’t going to be doing the lettering on these pretty sure my blank will be going right back to the mailman when he hands it to me. Sad..
  9. Hawks2797

    The feedback thread

    Had a pleasent smooth transaction with QueenAnnesRevenge. Thanks for the shirt man!!
  10. Hawks2797

    Nameplates Needed

    In need of white edge nameplate and a green nameplate for a Phoenix Coyotes Alternate from the starter days.
  11. Hawks2797

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    If they have 58 I would say that they are team issue. I don't believe they make retail 58 it would be a 60 just like Reebok 2.0.
  12. Hawks2797

    Nameplates Needed

    In need of a black edge nameplate long enough for a Byfuglien, and also a avsvsarter mesh in burgundy long enough for Sakic.
  13. Hawks2797

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yea big thanks to Gewargis. Hooked me up with a couple as well ! Where did you guys pick up these soccer shirts??
  14. Hey, it says you can't receive messages

  15. Hawks2797

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Was supposed to be going to the game on the 18th.. Needless to say that's not happening anymore. If anyone that is going could pick me up two of the 21 patches I'd appreciate it!