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  1. EndOfAnEra

    Old School Sweater Styles

    I've been trying to find older sweater style jerseys from what I'm guessing are the 50's and 60's. Not particular on a team, just seeing what's out there. The problem is, I have no idea what to search. I typically come across the vintage series sweaters that were made recently. Any pointers? What companies would have been making these?
  2. EndOfAnEra

    It arrived today v.

    Worked perfect, looks good as new. That thing was so yellow I thought I'd be fighting it for weeks.
  3. EndOfAnEra

    It arrived today v.

    Got this guy today http://www.ebay.ca/ulk/itm/321992209436 Definitely has some yellowing on the back. It is super old so not a big deal. Any suggestions to clean it up?
  4. EndOfAnEra

    eBay version 4.0

    I'm guessing this whole jersey is home made http://www.ebay.ca/ulk/itm/201509527570
  5. EndOfAnEra

    It is good or not?

    http://www.ebay.ca/ulk/itm/321976178453 Had my eye on this for a bit, but I have some some bells going off. The CCM logo looks suspect to me, and the fact that it's coming from the Ukraine? Seller says that the back isn't discoloured and its from the lighting. Anyone know any better than me?
  6. EndOfAnEra

    It is good or not?

    Cool, I've seen them cross branded with Cosby, Maska and CCM. Love the history of the old jerseys.The one that finally made me post was this one, but it's mostly because it's the first time I've seen it with Maska, and was wondering if they were just like a cheap retail brand like you see at Wal-Mart. It's the same with Cosby, I've seen them cross-branded on Sandow, CCM and Maska. http://www.ebay.ca/ulk/itm/301640558017
  7. EndOfAnEra

    It is good or not?

    What's the deal with old O'Shea jerseys? I've seen a few that are Maska and O'Shea on the back. Some have looked pretty cheap, others I can't tell. I'm assuming just cheap retail models?
  8. EndOfAnEra

    It is good or not?

    Ummmm what is this? I'm guessing just a CCM replica? The CCM logo looks stitched and I've never seen the logo placement like this before.
  9. EndOfAnEra

    eBay version 4.0

    Thought this was kinda cool. Two students in Sakatchewan did a presentation on relaunching the old Sandow brand and mocked this up, wound up winning $3000 as a start up for it. http://www.ebay.ca/ulk/itm/121817565758
  10. EndOfAnEra

    It is good or not?

    Right now I'm just looking and learning. I'd like a black Canucks skate logo and anything Oilers, but those never seem to be that cheap.
  11. EndOfAnEra

    eBay version 4.0

    That makes perfect sense.
  12. EndOfAnEra

    Help a newbie with a Sandow SK Oilers jersey

    Got this back a while ago. Keener did a wicked job and I found a guy to remake the shoulder patch
  13. EndOfAnEra

    It is good or not?

    Cool. The giant variance in price on these is throwing me off, although I'd imagine there aren't that many fakes floating around for the older Center Ice jerseys?
  14. EndOfAnEra

    eBay version 4.0

    Is this a steal for the price or am I terrible at spotting fakes http://www.ebay.ca/ulk/itm/131661388930