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  1. Mad delay on the response here, but who would you suggest using for a 90's Hawks jersey then? At this point I'm thinking of trying my local shop (River City Sports) to see if they have anything close to the old lettering & nameplate. Then again they did just start shutting a few stores down and have liquidated a ton of inventory, I'm guessing that won't be an option.
  2. Thanks very much for the info LAK, you're awesome as per usual Does anyone have a suggestion of where I should get a 90's Blackhawks jersey lettered then if I can't use the current style (and have it not be accurate). I'm looking to do up a 90's CCM Authentic with Roenick.
  3. Thanks, I saw that one already. The name is stitched onto the jersey instead of a nameplate, and also the numbers on the arms and the back are done pretty poorly. They're very spaced out (and the spacing isn't even consistent). I was pretty disappointed being that it's the exact one I want.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking for an early 90's size 44 CCM Blackhawks home (white) Authentic Roenick. I don't really have a ton in trade, so PayPal would probably be the route I'd be going. Thanks!
  5. If I were looking to get an early 90's blank Blackhawks CCM authentic jersey and get a name on it, has the Blackhawks name and number patterns changed at all (even in the slightest)? They don't look like they have changed at all.
  6. Hi Joe, Do you happen to have a size 46 Edge 2.0 that you could lay the CCM 44 on top of? I'd like to get a comparison between the two. So if you (or LAK74 of course, haha) could make that happen, I'd appreciate it!
  7. I'm looking at buying the CCM, I'm around 5"6-5"7 and 150lbs, athletic build (yes I work out, haha). Thanks so much for your help man, you're awesome!
  8. Hi again! First off, thanks very much for the pics LAK74, I can see now my tiny arms won't do for the 1.0's as the 2.0's are the perfect sleeve length for me. Anyone/LAK74 have a comparion of an original CCM/Maska (Authentic Centre Ice collection w/ Ultrafil) size 48, vs an Edge 2.0? Even just the basic measurements of the CCM would be helpful. Thanks!
  9. Hi, first time poster here! Looking to see a 2.0 edge 46 overtop of a 1.0 4.6 (or vice versa). I know the 1.0 is a slimmer fit with longer sleeves, but I fit a 2.0 46 perfect. I'm just looking a buying a 1.0 and I want to know if the sleeves will be too long (or if the jersey will be too tight across the chest). Thanks!
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