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  1. Thanks for posting some info. for me. I collect vintage clothing, so am familiar with materials/textiles, but have no experience with jerseys. I had figured that it would date 82-83 season, but didn't want to get ahead of myself since I am no expert in this area. I had looked at the players, & saw that Dupont was #25. I also figured that since the fight strap, & jersey itself is mostly clean, it wasn't worn in a game. Gunzo's isn't printed on the back of the jersey, and I don't see where a name plate could have been removed. Also, I was noticing when I researched jerseys that most of the time the players jerseys have a # for the size rather than letters. This is tagged XL, so does that give you guys a way to determine if it was a custom jersey rather than some type of team issued? It definitely is from the early '80s. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found this. I moved to San Antonio, Tx. from Chicago about 3 years ago, & never had a cool Hawks find when I was up north. Couldn't believe I found it all the way down here.
  2. Found an awesome Blackhawks jersey, & am looking for info. on it. It is a 70/30 durene/dureen knit. It has the Gunzo's label stitched into the inside back neck, as well as a Sandow SK tag hanging over it. It is chain stitched, double elbows, double shoulders, a cotton fight strap, & Sandow SK printed in red on the back. It has #25. I am hoping that someone can help i.d. the year, & whether or not it is team issued, or a replica. If it is a replica, is there a way to clean it? It has only a couple of minor spots, but I am worried about damaging the chain stitching as it is in very good condition. Should I just hand wash? Of course, I am also curious as to any value. Link to pics posted below. Thanks in advance, any info. is truly helpful. http://imgur.com/a/26btr
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