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  1. You guys must be a lot richer than me. What stuff is reasonable? I don't see many bargains in the set 1s.
  2. Awesome Doughty. So did you get JB to do the customization or did you send the jersey to EPS?
  3. cheetahspeed

    NHL Auctions

    They all show up. You just can't log in and bid. Kind of a bummer for those of us who were trying since yesterday afternoon. Farewell chance at a Blues Oshie jersey...
  4. cheetahspeed

    NHL Auctions

    The site is down. And I don't think it is coming back. I've been trying to bid since yesterday too. I'm glad I saw this so I know it is not just me. Some people are going to get smoking deals on jerseys. Or they are going to be pissed when the auctions get thrown out due to the site being down.
  5. The Meigray sale was great. I had a blank Predators blue (MGG ebay coincidentally) that I was going to get lettered. Now I have a game worn and can flip my blank Edge jersey. I think in an old sale (the "easter egg" one) they had Sedin jerseys for dirt cheap.
  6. Customization is an exercise in frustration. There is little worse than doing your homework and spending good money on customization where you have been explicit on exactly what you want... and then you get back an absolute fiasco. I hate it. If I wanted something to look like crap, I could order from China for $40. I feel for you foppa and I hope things work out acceptably in the end.
  7. I'd get Keith. Or Shaw/Tuevo if you want to be ahead of the masses. I would go with the Conn Smythe winner myself.
  8. I have to hand it to Barry. He is a master salesman. He will manage to sell all these grab bags.
  9. cheetahspeed

    eBay version 4.0

    That's really slimy. The good news is now I know to avoid LRS in the future. Not that I had even considered buying from them in the past.
  10. Based upon what you said, I'd still like to check one out and make sure they aren't total crap. If they are good enough (and really just looking for decent), then I'll probably go with Team LA. The wife isn't as picky as I am. I am frustrated by the low quality of the customization-- nameplates, bad "A" font for guys like Kopitar, etc.-- but she just wants an all-star of Doughty.
  11. Good point. We asked a couple months ago and they still had Doughty kits at that time and could letter a jersey. I'll call tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that I speak with somebody knowledgeable. Then I can drive over there.
  12. I got this Nike IIHF Slovakia in the mail from Ice Jerseys today. I am very pleased both with the quality of the jersey (made in Canada) and how it turned out overall. For a large, this jersey seems to run big. I don't think a Far East made jersey would do as well with the crest and anthem striping. I am glad they didn't finalize the design until late and Nike manufactured in Canada.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I need to run by Team LA and see how nice of a job they do. The last time I was there, they still had some Kopitars.
  14. Hi everyone, I picked up a premier replica for the wife to get done up as a #8 Doughty. I decided to go the cheap route since Baron doesn't have have extra Kings patches for the Team Foligno jerseys. Any suggestions on where to get it numbered? TeamLA store can do it (or at least could when asked 2 months ago). I'm ok with them. It probably won't be great but it'll be good enough. But is there another place which can do a nicer job and get it back to me by mid-July for a birthday present?
  15. Now you'll need to get one with SCF patch. The price just keeps going up.
  16. Wow, that Coburn patched jersey is quite a nice kickoff to a game worn collection.
  17. Nice collection of jerseys and other game used items. Well done with the room layout too.
  18. I own a number of replica jerseys. They are good for what they are-- something disposable to wear to a game. I used to wear more authentic jerseys back in the day but it is such a pain in the neck to get decent numbering and lettering done that I've started splitting more between decently done replicas (multi-layer name/numbers) and game worns. Too bad the Caps and LAK are at the higher end of GW pricing.
  19. That Pens jersey is pretty clearly fake. Neck tagging is horrible and color of Badger patch looks way off I'm really surprised that there is such a market in faking classic styles though. How many buyers are there for a 23 year old style? Or looking at it another way, how cheap is it to fake something in China that you can do a run for something where sales will be in the hundreds?
  20. I'd go with IJ. As long as they get the font right, it should be nicer since it will be multi-layer twill instead of the printed single-layer. At the Kings team store, all the premade replica jerseys are single-layer and with nameplates (which the Kings don't use). And the nameplates are usually shoulder to shoulder which looks really odd/bad for guys with a short name like Brown or Quick.
  21. It is a Gretzky so I think the double tagging is on purpose.
  22. The Kings usually sell the premiers later on too. I have a Bernier and a Penner appearance worn jersey. JB was $150 or so and Penner was $75 (blow out after he was no longer with the team).
  23. ^^^This. I think the OP would be disappointed in what comes from NHL, D-i-c-k-s, or even TeamLA (if it is a pre-made like a star player=probably same as NHL.com).
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