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  1. I don't mean to bring up a few day old topic, but I feel I should clarify @mfitz804. My family owns a business that does silk-screen printing, heat pressing, embroidering and (unrelated) engraving. Screen printing or silk-screening is the process of transferring ink onto the shirt through a mesh screen. What you described above is actually heat pressing, in which a pre-cut or pre-printed material, usually paper or vinyl, is applied to the shirt using pressure and heat. The commercial version of this is basically a better version of iron-on materials. In my experience I have found that screen printed designs typically last longer than heat pressed ones, though they can still fade over many washes, while the heat pressed designs to crack or peel eventually. In addition, the screen printed ink doesn't have the same thick or plastic-y feel and is usually more flexible and comfortable. @Nathan's description of sublimation is spot on, as the dyes are actually injected into the fabric of the shirt. Your in/on analysis is quite correct, @mfitz804. I believe sublimated designs will last longer than both screen printing and heat pressing. EDIT: Sorry, I tried to quote the original post and tag the appropriate parties, but it doesn't look like any of that worked.
  2. Did anyone on here go the Caps Rangers game yesterday and win one of the "Jerseys Off Our Backs" gamers? I got really excited when I saw them come out for warm-ups in the new Winter Classic jerseys. Aside from wishing as hard as I possibly could to have my seat picked, I'm hoping this means a switch to these as the alternates for next year. I've never really liked how our alternates are road jerseys.
  3. Sweet deal on the Bears jersey, flyhighguys94! I still want to get one of the road jerseys in that style, and have it customized as a Holtby.
  4. Man, I completely forgot about those Ducks Alternates! They still look great today, and that Niedermayer is an amazing piece. That's one awesome collection, EvilRocketeer!
  5. I have 4 mezzanine end tickets to the Caps vs. Rangers game on 4/11 for sale. Section 426, Row N, Seats 18-21, with 21 being the aisle seat. This is the end the Rangers shoot twice, so you'll (hopefully) get to see Braden Holtby at his Holtbeast-iest best! Paypal payment only please, and the tickets will be at will call, but I will transfer ownership of them through Ticketmaster when payment is received. The adjacent seat (17) is currently still available through Ticketmaster as well, if you need 5 seats. It is on Fan Appreciation Day and according to the website they are giving out "beach bags". Yay? I would prefer to retain rights to the "Jerseys Off Our Backs" entries. Anyways, it should be a good game and could have some playoff matchup implications and possibly be a good playoff preview. If you are interested, shoot me a PM!
  6. I figure this is as good a thread as any to make my first post in! I'm going to try to remember this is chronological order: HFStival 2000: SR-71 Godsmack Cypress Hill Third Eye Blind Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Open Road Tour: Lynyrd Skynyrd Give Me Ed... 'Til I'm Dead Tour: Motorhead Dio Iron Maiden Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2008: The Red Chord Airbourne Mastodon Dragonforce Disturbed Slipknot Rockstar Uproar Festival 2010: Avenged Sevenfold w/ Mike Portnoy Disturbed Trivium & In Flames North American 2012 Tour: Kyng Veil of Maya Trivium In Flames Shindig Festival 2014: Halestorm Clutch Rise Against
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