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  1. Hi to all, I've been collecting game worn college jerseys for almost two decades now and just stumbled onto this site while trying to research another purchase. I am always happy to buy / sell / trade gamers from my collection so stop by and see if something catches your eye. You can email me directly from my site if you have any questions. Please note that my site is divided into two sections. All of the jerseys under the "Archive" section are no longer in my possession. I move the photos to that area so they can still be viewed by other collectors trying to do research or fans that just like to see items I have had in the past. With that being said, I still have around 600 others jerseys still in my collection and I'm always on the look out for new additions. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has a Michigan Tech Huskies game used jersey in their collection that they would be willing to sell or trade. Best regards, Ryan J www.johnsonsjerseys.net
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