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  1. Mr2Bits

    Photographing jerseys

    Did I ever hit you back on this? Shoot me a PM if not, and I can share more.
  2. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Sale List

    Resurrecting my for sale thread.
  3. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Sale List

    Prices dropped again to raise $$ for another purchase. Make like Miss Chleo and CALL ME NOW!
  4. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    It's hard to show from a video caption, but when it's in motion, you can see where the Hurricanes flags along the bottom match up. No two Hurricanes jerseys are exactly alike in where they match up there. I also just found a hockey card with a photo of him from the game that matches to that stick mark on the front you mentioned.
  5. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Thanks, everyone!
  6. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Picked up probably THE most meaningful jersey in my Carolina Hurricanes collection. This jersey is a 97-98 red set 1 worn by Canes legend Glen Wesley. It's meaningful for a few reasons: 1.) It was worn in the first game in franchise history (and first preseason game too); 2.) It was on the ice for the first face off; 3.) It was on the ice for the first goal (videomatched to celebration with Kevin Dineen); and 4.) It's the only 97-98 red set 1 from a player who played in that first game that I've ever seen in over 15 years collecting. Jersey has great wear with stick marks, board burns, unrepaired holes and a huge, long repair along the seam where the left sleeve is connected. Came with a LOA directly from the player and has multiple photo and video matches. Going to have to keep pinching myself on this one for a while.
  7. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Hey, players customize their jerseys all the time. You could always take it to a seamstress and have the sleeve length reduced. That'd be cool to have it customized just for you. And love the jersey - nice pickup!
  8. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Thanks! Pretty surreal to look up at it hanging in my office.
  9. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Just added Cam Ward's 2014-15 game-worn alternate jersey to the collection. It's photomatched to the celebration of his 500th career NHL game, among other games.
  10. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits Sale List

    More price reductions...
  11. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    2012-13 game-worn Jeff Skinner Carolina Hurricanes alternate
  12. Mr2Bits

    Your favorite jersey of 2015

    I'll use the same response I used in that trail - Eric Staal game-worn jersey from Rod Brind'Amour's jersey retirement night.
  13. Mr2Bits

    The feedback thread

    Hate to air dirty laundry, but I paid slricks (unPLEASED Anton on the Hockey's Future boards) for 6 jerseys on Nov. 22, and he never sent anything and will not answer emails, phone calls or text messages. They were the following: - Jeff Skinner authentic white Reebok Edge w/ all-star patch - Jussi Jokinen authentic red Reebok Edge - Rod Brind'Amour authentic white RBK 6100 - Glen Wesley authentic white CCM - Matt Cullen replica black alternate Reebok Edge - Erik Cole replica red Reebok Edge Hate to air dirty laundry, but I'm just trying to get my money back or the jerseys. Mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete. If anyone knows him and could bring him to his senses, that'd be great... It's a shame because we had previously conducted a perfectly seamless deal.
  14. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Thanks, guys!
  15. Mr2Bits

    It arrived today v.

    Latest addition: 99-00 Carolina Hurricanes Ron Francis with Raleigh Arena, NHL 2000 and rare team-issued Chiasson memorial patches. Nameplate font is a bit too bold, and captain's C isn't exactly right so going to get those redone.