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  1. customization laugher

    I saw that Selanne beast a week or so ago... I think it actually went up in price IIRC. I appreciate the spreading of love for the Ducks... but the sparkly sparklies ruined a nice replica jersey.
  2. customization laugher

    I just came on here to report those... disgusting. I like how sad Scott looks in that picture. Those jersies don't even look remotely presentable. I feel like offering $3 or something.
  3. Ebay 2.0

    He didn't say it was fake, he said it was bad. And I have to agree with him. At least the Rangers one uses the team's colors. Unlike that Penguins blue one
  4. customization laugher I don't care if the signature is real... that jersey looks bad...
  5. How do you guys fix Edge pulls?

    In a somewhat (ok, a very) unrelated note, I was in the Wells Fargo Center that night... it was a great night. More related, I haven't bought an Edge yet (I would settle for Premier but the material is too thin and the Ducks' logo is too small on each one I've seen).... though I'm very tempted to, probably for next season. But I can't fathom spending $150 (cheapest yet still not cheap) plus shipping and customization for an "elite" item that can get snagged so easily. IDK... I know I'll cave in someday, but that Kool Aid picture sums it up pretty well.
  6. How did you become a fan of the team you cheer for?

    At the start of my post, I obviously implied that I was one of the few people in PA who knows about the Ducks. The "Flyers fans" are here in PA.... I'm relativley close to Philly (Flyers are my local team, that's why they're 2). These "Flyers fans" that I'm familiar with are the extremley casual "HOCKEY" fans who pledge alliegence to the team ONLY because they're local. And most of them became fans after they went to the finals last year. That being said, it's fun educating people that there is a Western Conference.
  7. customization laugher

    06-07 Cup patch on an Edge. And the price he was asking. And the jersey appears to me to have the very small logo like the Ducks wore on their first Edge's in 07-08... which was, of course, the season Pronger captained the team. I did, in fact, have laughter over those factors.
  8. Funny read on fakes

    I really enjoyed reading this spectacle of real life pwnage. Truly epic LULZ. It's funny seeing the guy slowly try to save face, especially when he says he's done talking about it and then came back.
  9. customization laugher

    I see your Ducks lulz and raise you this:
  10. How did you become a fan of the team you cheer for?

    Add me to that list. Funny though, I wear my Anaheim Ducks shirts now and then, and the self proclaimed Flyers fans (who can't name five players on their team) ask something like "Hey, are they like the Mighty Ducks?" in which I then go into a respectful schpiel about how they switched and were champs a few years back. My reason for liking them, my favorite movie as a kid... The NHL team just stuck, got their merchandise, jerseys, and played as them on video games from Sega on.
  11. RBK 6100 jerseys still available?

    When it comes to depending on the team, I only ever saw one Anaheim 6100 in the last two months on Ebay (black and gold), and it went for about $170.
  12. customization laugher I find the description of this one is pretty funny. And that 7 seems bigger than the 8.
  13. customization laugher That fake jerseys has the worst attempt at Ducks numbers I've ever seen...
  14. customization laugher

    I just noticed his name is "hockeyidiot"... that sums it up pretty well.
  15. customization laugher This is one of the better Ducks fakes (not that that justifies it) I've seen, number wise... I like how it's held up to light and you can see it's as thin as tissue paper. I'm glad the Ducks' sweaters are so easy to screw up... makes avoiding them easier.