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  1. OK, this is probably a ridiculous question since I'm asking for fashion advice about wearing a jersey. That said, I know some people are passionate about this sort of thing, so here goes: I own a Reebok Premier current Avs jersey, size small, which fits kind of like an oversized sweatshirt, with the sleeves going just past my wrist. (For what it's worth, the medium Premier fit almost exactly the same.) I also just picked up a '97-'99 era Starter Avs jersey in size 48-R. The body of the Starter is several inches wider in comparison, but the sleeves are a few inches short of reaching my wrist. I understand this is how they were made, because hockey gloves go so far up the arm, but would you wear a jersey like this with a hoodie where the hoodie sleeves stick out? Do you slide up the hoodie's sleeves? Should I go bigger to get the sleeves right (and have an even bigger body)?
  2. How Much Neck is Too Much?

    Looks totally normal to me.
  3. How to spot a fake jersey!

    I'm not sure if this is truly a "fakes" question, but I've been looking at a 2001-07 Koho Avs alternate jersey online and noticed the numbers are not "glacier" twill (with the herringbone pattern), but rather are just regular, sewn on, "smooth" fabric. It is not a gamer, but are those numbers correct?
  4. FYI, I just picked up a Premier Avalanche home jersey, size small. Pit to pit measures 23" rather than the 26" listed online at the shop.nhl site. Also, back hem to bottom is 32" rather than the 33" listed online. Sleeves are 34" from the center seam at the top of the back collar to the cuff. It fits me fine (5'8" 150#) but just wanted to put this out there.