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    Capitals, Flyers, Bruins. Whoever plays against them ###### Rangers and Penguins...
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    Al Iafrate, Peter Bondra, Dale Hunter, Dino Cicarelli, Ovie
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    Capitals Team Issue white Edge 2.0, (the only legit one at the moment)
  1. She's pretty hot, but she has some gnarly looking feet!
  2. Dangit...the one I want to put him on is 2.0
  3. Can anyone tell me if Fedorov wore an Edge 1.0 or 2.0 during his time with Washington?
  4. Looking for 3 tickets for Caps vs Coyotes in Phoenix, April 2nd 2016. I figured this would be a fun way to spend my 40th birthday. Thx!
  5. My family moved to Northern Virginia from Daytona Beach, FL when I was about 12. I went to my first Caps game with a church youth group, and watched them get crushed by the Maple Leafs. I was hooked. I remember Rod Langway was the only one on the ice with no helmet. I thought that was the coolest. Saw them about several times after when my folks could get tickets. In high school I worked at the Reston Ice Rink, and the Caps came for an exhibition practice, '92 or '93 maybe. My boss put me in charge of the locker room, and I got to hang out with them all day. Got goalie sticks from Don Beaupre and Steve Taborachi, a stick from Dale Hunter, and Adam Oates. Got to eat lunch with them. Man that was a fun day. Every playoff game I've seen (four of them over the years) they have been beaten by them Penguins or them effin Ranger sob's. I keep telling myself if Caps don't win a Stanley Cup before Las Vegas gets a team, I'm jumping ship. It's been nothing but heartache and stress the last 24 years...I don't know how much longer I can take it lol. My pops sold the hockey sticks at a yard sale for $5 a piece. I was pretty ticked when I found out....
  6. I'd like to find any Asheville Smoke jerseys from '98-'99, preferably purple and black. They were in the UHL league. The main ones that I remember are Rob Millikin, Lindsay Vallis, Kris Schultz and Shawn Ulrich.
  7. Going to make an '08-'09, or '09-'10 Flyers jersey...torn between Giroux, Timonen, or Gagne. Who would you guys pick for the jersey and why?
  8. Thanks again! That's alot to take in...hopefully it's slow at work so I can read through it lol
  9. Thank you! I plan to send to Ruberti's, they asked to send a name plate with it. They should have the correct # and letter fonts I assume? Now I just need to determine the name and #....
  10. Heya newbie question for you pro collectors...I recently picked up an Edge 2.0 vector logo team issue Flyers jersey. I want to make it as close to "one ice" as possible. JerseyBaron has two different name plates, the air knit and edge. Which should I order to make the most correct jersey possible? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the heads up Devilsguy!
  12. Received my order from Jersey Baron today. Both are Team Issue blanks, with Vector logo. Caps is Edge 1.0, Philly is 2.0. I know it's nothing special, but a good stepping stone into collecting I think, and the price was right. I plan to send them for #'s and name after Christmas.
  13. The strip is "downtown". The "locals" bars are seedy, and rarely have the table games. In eight years, I've been down there only three or four times, mostly for shows. Last one was Primus and the Chocolate Factory tour last month...
  14. Skins haven't been the same since the Art Monk days. Here in Vegas, the football fans are all over the place. All the teams are represented lol. A handful of hockey fans here though. I'm surprised that they met the season ticket quota for the supposed Vegas team. Hopefully the tix prices won't be outrageous, and we can go pretty often. The arena will be finished soon, and they are saying we will have a team for '16-'17 season. Arena looks pretty sweet though!
  15. Best house odds are blackjack. I've been here eight years, gambling is for suckers. Save your money and have a nice meal somewhere.
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