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  1. ggieseler55

    Milwaukee admirals new jerseys

    Awesome. Thank you. That will work.
  2. ggieseler55

    Milwaukee admirals new jerseys

    I am trying to find the older style Milwaukee Admirals jersey; the one with just the skull and hat. My wife plays for the Milwaukee Lady Admirals and they are going to nationals next month in Minneapolis. I would like to get a jersey to wear when I go to her games. I only collect authentic (NHL mainly) and cannot find this jersey anywhere. I would like the black one, however, any color would work at this point. Size 54 or 56. Anyone looking to unload one I could buy? If not, could you point me in the direction where I could purchase one. Thanks.
  3. I am kinda new to the bord and hoping someone can help me out. My wife plays for the Milwaukee Lady Admirals and will be playing at nationals in Minneapolis next month. I cannot find an authentic Admirals jersey anywhere. I am looking for the logo that's on the Jones jersey in the picture above. Does anyone have one I could purchase or know where to buy an authentic? I'm looking for size 52 or 56. Black would be nice but at this point any color will work. Thanks.
  4. ggieseler55

    The Want List

    I guess you're right Hockey Bob. It could be worse, I could be a Cubs fan. So, I guess there is still a reason for me to get out of bed in the morning. Your Blues fan friend sounds like a very cool guy. Weird that he isn't any good at hockey. EVERYONE, I have met from St. Louis is a rockstar on the ice. In regards to the Sabres fans, that isn't 100% true. My wife is from Buffalo and likes the Blues as well as the Sabres. She thinks she is Canadian, however, that is a completely different story/problem. Keep me posted, Hockey Bob, as to if you find these patches. I will return the favor and let you know if I find any "Hockey Skills" forums so you can stop bending those ankles when you skate. As its said in "Strange Brew", Take off hoser.
  5. ggieseler55

    The Want List

    Hey guys. I am fairly new to the forum and am looking for some guidance. Is there any way to find and buy the Reebok word mark logo patch for the home (blue) St. Louis Blues jersey? Also, how involved is it to switch out the logo to the word mark? Any help is appreciated. I am a life long Blues fan and would like to customize my 2.0 with "Miller" 39, however, as you can all understand I would like it to be era specific. I don't understand why the 2.0 jerseys with the word mark logo are not offered to the public via retail.
  6. ggieseler55

    eBay version 3.0

    Hey all. I am the person that has the Tyson Strachan jersey listed on eBay as game worn. I purchased it from a friend of mine named Andrew who is very well connected with the NHL. He was the one who assured me that this was a game worn jersey. I am a life long Blues fan and never intended on ever selling this; however, I fell on some hard times and am liquidating some of my collection to pay bills. I am sorry if this is not a game worn, I would NEVER knowingly mislead or lie about this type of thing. I plan on doing some research and contacting Andrew to find out more details. I will keep you all updated. Again, I am sorry if this comes across as misrepresentation. I was going off of what I was told. This is and has been a very special jersey to me. If anyone has any information on this please let me know. Thanks!
  7. ggieseler55

    Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Get well bob
  8. ggieseler55

    Getting screwed on eBay (again)

    Just curious, are there any updates? Did you get the jersey?
  9. ggieseler55

    Where to buy NHL game worn jerseys?! :)

    I have an authentic Winnipeg jets domi jersey i am looking to trade. Size 54 ultrafil. Pretty good condition.
  10. Looking for pre mid 90's Blues jersey's

  11. Yeah, I'm not able to start a new thread on the "wanted" list either.