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  1. Man, I love the 25th/75th anniversary jerseys from the first expansion teams. I wonder if we'll be lusting after the 50th anniversary jerseys 20-some years from now.
  2. jsh139


    I think of "Climalite" and "Breakaway" as sub-categories of the Adizero. It appears that Climalite is their name for the material technology. They make other clothing that uses it (socks, underwear, shirts, etc).
  3. jsh139


    “Adizero” is Adidas’s product name for the jersey cut. Like Reebok’s “Edge”. The fact that there are Canadian and Indonesian versions is irrelevant. They’re all Adizeros. But Meigray only sells team stock so you can be assured it’s the real deal.
  4. I have a couple jerseys where the Meigray tags are coming unstitched. Presumably from players tucking them into their pants or just generalized abrasion/wear. So, yeah, they're pretty easy to remove.
  5. jsh139


    Not really a "steal", per se, but Meigray listed a bunch of blank MiC Vegas Golden Knights jerseys from sizes 52 to 60G. https://www.meigray.com/itemcatalog.aspx?categoryid=56180
  6. Yeah, their business is probably just taking off and they don’t want to harm that with slowdowns of small potatoes stuff. They’ve got a lot of teams to do. I follow the Green Bay Gamblers and I noticed the other day their jerseys have the KJ logo on the back. So I guess they’re getting into USHL teams now. Good for them.
  7. Keener just sent out the official announcement. Just says they are putting it on hold. So, hopefully it's just a temporary thing. Maybe they'll do this every year going forward?
  8. I enjoy the Flyers warm-up mixes. They’re posted on sound cloud. https://m.soundcloud.com/crvd/sets/flyers-warm-up-mixes-2017-18
  9. jsh139

    It is good or not?

    That's an authentic model. Small block CCM. You can tell because it has the fight strap and double material on the elbow area. It also has gussets in the armpit area (a little extra diamond-shaped swatch of material).
  10. Maybe it was authentic. Misspellings happen 😂
  11. Yep. It’s definitely my favorite model. I have 9 of them. Not all with the 25/75 patches, but by far the most common jersey in my collection 😁
  12. Yep. I love ugly jerseys.
  13. Those black skate and V jerseys...
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