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  1. Alright, something definitely changed. When the 2017-18 Adidas came out, I laid one on top of a similarly sized Edge 2.0, and it was much smaller. I have a 2019-20 size 52 and put it on top of that same Edge 2.0 52 and it’s actually bigger. The sleeves are about 1-2 inches longer and the body is slightly longer as well. Very interesting 🤔 Looks like Flickr embedding is fixed btw
  2. The plant switching has me curious about something. I think it’s been generally accepted that the Adidas on-ice jerseys are about a size smaller than their equivalent Edge 2.0 sizes. However, there’s been some speculation that the first year 2017-18 Adidas Jerseys are sized different than the 2018-19+. I don’t have any 2017-18s in the same size and condition as a 2018-19+. Anyone able to compare apples to apples? I tried comparing a 2017-18 size 56 to a 2018-19 size 56 and the 2018-19 was longer in the sleeves and wider in the body. But, the 2017-18 was worn in like 20 games and the
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the teams aren't getting any more revenue for a MiC jersey vs. an Indonesian-made one. It's in the licensing, not the profit-margin in the materials. In fact, because they're selling more Indos, the teams are probably making more money this way.
  4. I know who you're talking about (@HannuVirta, I think? Or maybe it was @JunkyardAthletic) But I don't recall him saying that. But, yeah, that supports my theory of high cost of materials + high cost of labor and not enough demand for the high-priced resulting product leading to the outsourcing of jerseys.
  5. jsh139


    I don’t think so. That one was listed at $600. Sold in about 5 minutes. I thought about using my Admin powers to snag it but $600 for a jersey I’d never wear just didn’t feel right. Not that I wear many of my jerseys as it is, but still.
  6. jsh139


    Not really a deal or a steal, but there’s a Blackhawks TBTC on the Authentic Hockey Jersey Addicts FB group for $600. Size 48. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1227861130667273/?ref=share
  7. Think of it this way. Let’s say a MiC jersey costs $25 to produce. And the wholesale price is $300. That’s a $275 profit for each unit. Let’s say market research tells them they can sell about a 100,000 of them per year. Then, let’s say the Indozero jersey costs $5 to produce. And the wholesale price is $150. That’s a $145 profit for each unit. Let’s say market research tells them they can sell about 500,000 of them per year. The net profit realized from the MiC sales is $27,500,000. Not bad. However, the net profit realized from the Indozero sales is $72,500,000!! That’s a
  8. There must be a significant cost differential. Why else would they farm out the labor and materials to Indonesia? It’s no different than tech companies subbing out software development to India and Russia. I see it all the time in my industry. When you accept that just about everything in business boils down to money and profit, the actions and motivations of companies becomes much, much clearer.
  9. I'm guessing that they aren't selling the on ice jerseys because of cost. Plain and simple, people just do not want to spend $400 (or whatever the cost of a MiC blank is) for a hockey jersey. Adidas would be stuck with so much overstock if they mass produced them. They probably learned over the years that most people are cheapskates and just want something that looks good from 10 feet away.
  10. jsh139


    Just got refunded $88.22 from eBay. So, not quite the $103.51 I had calculated. But, close. Only missing refunds for 4 items. I'll give them a day or two and then inquire about them.
  11. jsh139


    Wow. Just wow. What a steal!
  12. jsh139


    Sorry to disappoint
  13. jsh139


    Sometime around September, 2019, I believe. At least that’s the earliest I was charged. I contacted them via the website and had them call me. There’s an option for a callback.
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