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  1. All Star alert! 2019-20 Travis Konecny, road set 1. TK wore this jersey in 3 PS and 14 Reg games, including an overseas game in Lausanne, Switzerland. He scored 5 goals and 11 assists while wearing it. Has a nice black mark on the front that was easily photomatched, lots of inner pilling, some board burns and marks, as well as some team repairs on the right sleeve. Love this one!
  2. Price is honestly irrelevant. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay. Most of us aren’t doing this to turn a profit. I think the vast majority of us just want to get back what we paid for things when we sell them. If that isn’t possible, then we are the ones who get to decide what we’ll settle for. I can’t stand when people comment negatively on prices. If you don’t like the price, make an offer or move on. Simple.
  3. I don’t understand. He is a good guy who’s been an asset to the community. Really went out in a blaze of glory there.
  4. Weird. The tops of the 2s seem to line up with the bottom of the nameplate.
  5. I had a great time. I've only seen them live once before. Back in 2000 when they were touring with Staind and Mindless Self Indulgence. Right after Issues came out. 20 years is a long time, but honestly, if I closed my eyes it felt like I was back in 1996.
  6. There's a guy on Facebook that has repo patches supposedly made by the same company that did the originals for the team (All Canadian Emblem). Haven't gotten it yet, but from looking at pics they are dead on for the originals, so his story seems to add up.
  7. Saw KoRn and Breaking Benjamin in Allentown last night. First stop on their 2020 tour. Had a blast and KoRn can still bring down the house. Amazing show. It's been almost 20 years since I've seen them live.
  8. I don’t normally stray from my beloved Flyers, but I couldn’t resist. This thing is mint. It’ll be a 1992-93 Selanne with orange SC100 patch and “A”. Keener can’t open back up soon enough!!
  9. Nice Zubie. I sold my 98-99 Zubrus a few months ago. Had a great mark on it that was easily photomatched. Always liked him.
  10. This. I don't see why it's the moderators' jobs to police the transactions. I don't recall any online forum where the mods got involved in the classified sections (other than removing ads that don't follow obvious rules like stating a price and showing pictures). How people choose to exchange money is on them.
  11. I don't have mine anymore, but I thought it was the same material on the back. Someone else will have to clarify. I do remember the shoulder dimples were a little different. A little shallower on the WCOH. 2018-19 Adidas on top, WCOH on bottom. Contrast is way up, which is why they look dirty. Don't have any closeup pics of the backs. I can't tell if the material is the same. Kind of looks a little different on the shoulders, though?
  12. The 2017-18 Adidas WCOH jerseys? I had one from a few years ago. The nameplate material was close, but not a 100% match. However, now that they do a bunch of teams with Adidas jerseys, I would imagine they have the right stuff?? Just ask them.
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