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    Game worn Lake Superior State

    Seems Game Maker, ClickTeam Fusion, Construct 2, Unreal, UE4 are the top options, after some searching on my own.
  2. Malcolmrog

    Notre dame Lee nameplate

    Stanford already did it, so why not Notre Dame? Well, for one thing, Stanford was playing on its home court against a team that had traversed the continent in order to make a 9pm for them start... conditions which wont be in evidence today. But more importantly, Stanford has more and better shooters than does Notre Dame, which made Stanford tougher for UConn to defend, because all those shooters happened to be hitting. 6 different Cardinal players hit treys back on 11/17/14, and UConn had to spread its defense accordingly. Notre Dame doesnt have the personnel to repeat that. http://msk-door.ru/dveri-intekron-otzyivy/