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  1. They were available at that price, but that's not what I paid. Regardless, I've seen others sold for around this price range so I really don't think I'm being unreasonable here and I'm open to offers. I mean, feel free to laugh at me when it doesn't sell or whatever but I don't really think it's necessary to comment on my pricing.
  2. Couple GIs/Gamers added to the collection recently. The Heponiemi is GI for both 17/18 and 18/19, there's evidence of the NHL100 patch being removed. The Downing is also GI, I'm going to be removing the nameplate and replacing it with Makar. And the Alex Beaucage has so much wear for a one tournament jersey. I love that I was able to photomatch it. Very happy to add these to the collection.
  3. Updated. Lowered prices & added a ton more jerseys.
  4. TheDithyK

    eBay version 4.0

    The German address did, I got my own mailing address on mailboxde.com then added it to my eBay account and bought an item that only shipped in that country. The Japan service was White Rabbit Express, but I'm pretty sure they specialize in only Japanese purchases and that wasn't through eBay.
  5. TheDithyK

    eBay version 4.0

    This might be irrelevant, but I've used both a purchase and shipping service from Japan to Canada, and I've used a German mailing address for another purchase. I didn't have any problems with either services. Both came relatively quick and shipping was reasonably priced. Didn't pay any import fees either.
  6. Cold as ice, I love it haha.
  7. Now that I'm qualified for it here, I'd like to establish my own sale thread. Prices are in USD, shipping is $15 to Canada and $20 to the USA. International on request, at cost. PayPal F&F or add 4% to the price, choice is yours. Shipped in a bubble envelope. Replicas/Indos Anaheim Ducks Home Reebok Premier Size M Rickard Rakell (jocktag removed) - $75 Front, Back Edmonton Oilers Reebok Indo-Edge size 46 #93 NNOB - $60 Authentics & Game Issued (GI) All Star Western Conference Size 46 Joe Sakic - $150 Chicago Blackhawks CCM Red Size 44 (Fight strap cut out by previous owner, light markings pictured) - $70 Chicago Blackhawks CCM White Size 48 (Air-knit, stains on right sleeve pictured, and one small pull also pictured) - $120 Hawks photos Take both for $180 Ontario Reign CCM Quicklite Authentic White Size 54 (w/tags) - $200 Team Canada 17/18 U18 GI (Tackla, fully sublimated, no LOA): - #22 NNOB (WXL) - $55 Front, Back Team USA 2018 World Juniors Alternate Nike Size 56 GI Cole Hults $370 Team Germany Size 54(W) #21 NNOB - $130 Camp/Game/Event Worn Colorado Avalanche Rookie Tournament/Preseason Gamers/GI (no LOA) - 18/19 Justus Annunen #75 (Home, Size 58G, photo references) - $330 - 19/20 Alex Beaucage #74 (Home, Size 56, tagged & photo references) - $300 - Cody Bass #45 (Home & Away, Size 56, Likely GI) - $300 ea - Vladislav Kotkov #81 (Away, Size 56, photo reference from 3-on-3 game July 1st, 2018) - $300 Calgary Flames Development Camp Worn Jersey (no LOA, directly from the team): - Adam Ruzicka - $60 - Rasmus Andersson - $70 Front, Back Both for $110 - Matthew Phillips (GI) - $55 Team Canada 17/18 Women's U18 (Tackla, everything but the nameplate sublimated, no LOA): - Taylor Angers (Goalie Cut XXL) -SOLD - Abygail Moloughney (L) - SOLD - Canada Photos (Take both for SOLD) Edmonton Oilers 14/15 Home Size 58 Vladimir Tkachev #64 (no LOA and photomatched, Nameplate removed) - $125 Front, Back Edmonton Oil Kings 18/19 Away Alternate Size 56 Brett Kemp #24 (solid amount of wear, team tagging, no LOA) - PENDING Los Angeles Kings 18/19 Home Size 56 Tyler Toffoli #73 (Media Day worn, w/LOA, auto removed by previous owner) - $285 Front, Back Sherbrooke Phoenix 13/14 Away Size 56 Cole Murphy #12 (no LOA, tons of piling and decent wear) - $145 Vancouver Canucks 18/19 Home Size 58 Brandon Anselmini #84 (Adidas MiC, TC worn with light wear, potentially worn by Nando Eggenberger) - $190
  8. Found these two images, looks like he wore the Nike jerseys. :
  9. Got this in the mail today. It's not NHL but it is NHL related: These Buffalo Bills themed jerseys were worn by Team USA during the 2018 World Juniors. Pretty sure this is game issued to Los Angeles Kings prospect Cole Hults, given the sponsor patches and my belief that they never sold authentics to the public. What's interesting is that Hults was a really early cut from camp but they still had this made up for him. I'll probably make this available sometime soon.
  10. More pickups today/yesterday. The Sakic all-star is a size 46, and it's available if anyone's interested. The Cole Murphy looks to be a gamer, and I'm open to trading it for a CCM Sherbrooke Phoenix jersey in either size 54 or 56.
  11. Yeah I can't get over how sick it is. Never thought I'd get the chance to own a Team Japan jersey, and now I've even got another one coming haha. I had to jump on it when I saw it was made by Nike since all the u-20 and u-18 Japan jerseys were made by Tackla, which I'm not as big of a fan of.
  12. A little international-flavored mail day today. This jersey is such a beauty, I'm in love haha. A Rui Ukita Game worn jersey from a bunch of exhibition games from years 2015-2018, the 2015 World Championship, the 2016 World Championship and also worn in the 2017 Asian Winter Games (photo above, the only photomatch I got) where Team Japan won gold. It's a size 54 W, which is a pretty nice fit for me. Fun fact: Ukita got suspended a game back in the 2018 Olympics for kicking someone. Pretty Corey Perry-esque.
  13. I appreciate the information folks!
  14. Thanks guys, might have to put this project on the backburner then. Correct me if I'm wrong but EPS charges the same for Name/Number as they do with just the nameplate, right?
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