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  1. I have a few goalie jerseys of prospects who were called up during the regular season but never actually played in a game. I was only planning on selling them as game issued but wanted to know if wearing it in the warmup and on the bench adds more value. Of course there is no wear on them AFAIK(could have a few marks from the warmup shots, will thoroughly check later) so there is no definitive photo match, but the jersey sets on the equipment manager patches match the sets that were worn in the games I have found photos for. I have only researched three jerseys so far at which point I stopped and wondered if there is even any purpose in doing it.
  2. I recently bought some various team issued 2.0s in bulk and noticed that on the Ducks one, the fight strap only has one twill patch instead of two. I know this was on 1.0s but I've never seen it on a 2.0 except for retail ones. It's the black home from 2007-14 and the production sticker indicates it was made in November 2013. I've just looked up some gamers and all of them have double reinforcement. I guess it's just some kind of rare factory error??
  3. I have a BNWT size 54 Capitals 2011 WC 1.0 looking to trade it for the same style but as the 2.0 that was worn as the alternate. I would also take the current alternate but I doubt anyone would be willing to trade one. Size 54-58 but prefer 56 or 54. I know Meigray is selling TI white alts for $95 on eBay right now but I don't want to get stuck with two of the same jerseys. http://imgur.com/a/nnZjl
  4. I live right next to the Panthers practice rink. The team isn't selling gamers until the next season starts AFAIK but I am planning on being there for one of the first games so I can check out their gamers. I do have a few right now but probably not the player you're looking for(Howden, Winchester, Gilbert, Hawryluk) Only looking to spend up to $150 each for these. No Indos. Size 54-58 only unless noted otherwise Still looking for a 2009 ASG East jersey, either blank, Malkin, or Kovalchuk Sz 52-58 Atlanta Thrashers Koho baby blue blank/Hossa/Heatley/Savard/Kovalchuk Atlanta Thrashers burgundy alternate 2.0 only blank or any player NYI black alternate 2011-14 Sabres half yellow/navy alt Capitals retro red alt Sharks 2015 SS blank or Burns Panthers 2009-12 blue alt Sz 46-52/M-L Dallas Stars current home $90 for authentic, $40 for replica. +$30 either customized Any gamer from this past season with the centennial patch. I don't care what player as long as the team isn't MTL, PHI or NYR
  5. Has anyone had a Thrashers jersey done by EPS? I have two blank 2.0s but don't know where the best place is to get them done. Below is a pic of a jersey apparently customized by EPS, and comparing it to the actual game worn jersey below it, The letters are way too wide and the C appears to be a totally different font.
  6. I just got a green Thrashers practice jersey, it's not the same one as in the pics, but I still want to know if it would be possible to get the same customization as these ones. I have wanted one of these since they were first worn but this is probably as close as I will get. Since the numbers are a unique negative space design I would probably have to spend more, but I'm not doing it if it would cost over $200.
  7. I have seen some pics comparing the two but they still look the same. Also what is the edge 1.0 material called, the stretchy stuff that got replaced in the 2.0?
  8. Looking for any of these, highly prefer authentics but will settle for replicas if I can't find any authentics. Size 52-56 CCM style, size 54-58 Edge, and large/xl replicas only. Also only looking to spend up to $200 per jersey 2003 NHL All-Star Game East jersey (Heatley) 2009 NHL All-Star Game East jersey (blank or Kovalchuk) Atlanta Thrashers white jerseys (blank or Kovalchuk/Heatley) Atlanta Thrashers home/alternate 2.0 Any KHL or Devils Kovalchuk jerseys Coyotes Kachina jersey (any one, authentic only, and looking to spend no more than $170 on one) Islanders black alternate, the one that says "Islanders" in orange across the chest (blank or Tavares) Panthers red alternate, worn from 2003-07 (blank or Belfour) Pre 1997 Canucks jersey, also including the flying skate 2.0 from last year Canucks Millionaires jersey (authentic only) Capitals red alternate 2.0 Capitals white alternate 2.0 Flyers home 2.0 (blank or Gostisbehere) Wild green alternate (authentic only) Original Jets jerseys
  9. Still looking for authentic Knights Marner jersey, only up to $250, not a penny higher
  10. Looking for an authentic London Knights Marner jersey, don't care which color but must be size 50-58 and preferably less than $250
  11. Alright now I am confused, I guess all of mine are 1.0s. However, my Riley Holzapfel preseason worn does not have the reinforced fight strap or elbows. What is up with that?
  12. I searched on Google and got different answers. In addition to 1.0 and 2.0 I also want to compare the Indo authentics, and the actual jerseys worn by the players on the ice. From what I have seen so far, The only difference between 1.0 and 2.0 is that the 2.0 has lighter material including the material with air holes on the sides of the jersey I only know that Indos have that yellow highlighter strip inside the collar, compared to Canadian made jerseys I don't see any other difference Actual game jerseys only have the size tag and don't have the black tag. I read somewhere that the fight straps are more reinforced but I compared a gamer to a retail and don't see any difference.
  13. Looking for Kovalchuk maroon Thrashers alternate with C or A, either sewn premier L-XL or authentic 54-58.
  14. Alright so in that case, what should I do about the nameplate? It is already in place but the letters on it are not sewn, and I don't want them to sew the letters straight to the jersey.
  15. I just bought a replica Thrashers jersey for $30, it also came with name and numbers, but they aren't sewn on. It appears that they were stuck/taped into place but never got sewn down. Additionally I would like to get the heat pressed crest and shoulder patches sewn too. I don't want to ship it out if I can get this done locally. I also happen to have an authentic Kovalchuk of the same type, so I could show them exactly how to do it. I am in south FL.
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