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  1. WOW, that Gilmour is unreal! Very nice
  2. Thanks! The Khudobin on NHL went 125 cheaper than I paid unfortunately but Seguin, Hintz, Heiskanen all went for considerably more than the foundation auction. But Bishop was over 1K more on the foundation.
  3. I got in on the crazy bidding. I went through the Dallas Star foundation auction though and got a 2nd period worn Khudobin. It seemed like the 2nd period jerseys went cheaper than the 1st period ones on NHL auctions, except for the one I got of course.
  4. 1999-00 Kariya, 3rd Jersey Pro Player size 56 This jersey has put on a lot of miles. It came from Germany, but got lost/was undeliverable to my address and was luckily sent back to the seller. He just re-sent and here we are. Only took 2.5 months to get it in hand.
  5. Echoing the Larmer love, that's a nice batch of Hawks related jerseys right there.
  6. I figured this would fit in the dumb question realm so here it is: Can you patch over a wordmark with a vector on 2.0's? I'm pretty certain all I've heard and read has been about wordmark patched over the vector logo. I'm sure it's really one and the same but which is bigger the wordmark or the vector? Do you sew the vector to a piece of fabric or twill then sew it over the wordmark?
  7. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    As long as the jersey has one of them flight straps I'm sure it checks out. Who could forget the 'Stanimal'!
  8. Really, so you did find an ultrafil? Good for you, I hope the project comes along well. I think Keener quoted me $80 CAD on a crest for a Kalamazoo Wings so as a rough guess a North Stars Crest is probably gonna cost somewhere around $50 USD.
  9. No problem, happy to help. Are you looking for the 2 colour crest for the crest for a green or a white jersey? The green jersey didn't incorporate the black stitching 'layer' in the crest until after 1988 when black was introduced on the green jersey.
  10. Not much of a help here, but Keener does a nice North Stars crest. I've had him do one on an 84 North Stars and it came out awesome. I know we have to wait a couple months yet for his services, but he's definitely a good option.
  11. JJM4


    You could probably get it for under 50 USD. Works for a Khabibulin. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-LA-BULLDOGS-ICE-HOCKEY-JERSEY-MENS-52-BAUER-W-FIGHT-STRAP-RARE/164000431460?hash=item262f2ffd64:g:sJQAAOSwI-hd~1M6
  12. Liking that Palmieri, nice pickup!
  13. Sorry to hear about the missing patch. Fortunately it doesn't happen very often. I too just recently had a jersey coming to me that got lost. A Ducks pro player coming from Germany didn't make it's way to my mailbox yet, but the seller and I still hold out some hope that it will get sorted out. I guess we'll see, never had it happen until this Fall. Better luck to all who have gone through this.
  14. Well this one doesn't fall into the category of going for a low price, but it was near the floor of where these things go for in new condition so I made the purchase. Plus I had just sold a jersey which a little more than offset the cost of this one. Happy to add it, will be a Bondra rookie soon enough. 90-91 Caps size 52 Also recently got this one back from the embroidery place I'm using locally and they did a great job. Matched up the font of the Pedersons wordmark to go on the hem of the 1984 North Star jerseys.
  15. Feel free to use that Kurri pic as reference to send to your customizer (pics actually taken by @slimcutta). I will say I'd be quite confident EPS would have the matching textured mesh you'd be looking for. They matched my 85 North Stars so there's a good chance they could do this one too. Here's the front with A. Good luck with the strip.
  16. I agree with what's being said, that at the end of the day it's Dithy's to do what he wants with it. I can tell you the number 1 is incorrect when comparing it to one I have been involved with. This one came from a member here, and since he wrote the Jersey Book I'm guessing it's accurate.
  17. Yeah like @LAK74 says at least we know the tags existed at that point, but regardless it's a great find at the price and tags are easy enough to change if it bothers you. Larionov would be an awesome choice!
  18. Good price, cool find! I'm just trying to figure out whats what with that tagging? Is that consistent with the CCM jerseys from 96-97 season, because in 97-98 they went to Nike? I have never seen a Sharks CCM with that tagging, perhaps made at a later date by CCM and tagged with the late 90s style tagging?
  19. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    That's actually a good way to do it, don't pull an Auston Matthews and drop your pants right away, just give a hint that they may come down a little. I'll maybe put this idea and theory into practice at some point. Thanks.
  20. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Has anyone used the send an offer to watchers option on ebay? To me it just seems like a desperation move and one that puts your back against the wall in negotiations. I feel like if someone is gunna buy or make an offer they're going to do it when they're good and ready to do it, rather than you putting it on them. I wonder what others' thoughts are on the use of this somewhat new option. Full disclosure, I've tried it on a couple items that had one watcher, and now have just tried it on a jersey that has 13 watchers, so I guess we'll see if there's any success soon enough.
  21. Nice old Oilers jersey there, good luck with the project should you take it on. Would make a nice Kurri or Messier.
  22. Wow awesome find there Josh! Congrats!!!
  23. I believe the story goes something like the Sharks were supposed to host the 95 ASG but with the shortened season that year the game was cancelled so they didn't actually end up wearing the patch in games in the 94-95 season. I think maybe a set of jerseys was produced with the patch on them but never used, or the patch was probably stripped off before use. Perhaps someone can fill in the blanks because there could be more to the story than what I've suggested.
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