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  1. I've done one payment plan with a random stranger off ebay. If they are working on paying over say 2 pay periods, which was the case with my guy, it should work just fine. Not really knowing the guy, I hung onto the jersey and just agreed that it was his upon full payment and then I'd ship. Basically receiving half of the money, I agreed not to sell while he came up with the rest. Worked great though, they obviously want the jersey and are committed if they pay a good portion to begin with. I'd never ship out a jersey only partially paid for unless it was a situation like Fitz had with it being a member here that I knew and dealt with in the past.
  2. Keener mini haul! 90s Phoenix Roadrunner Gretzky size 56 NWT - love this jersey for the chain stitched crest. 2010 Bruins Winter Classic Rask Rookie size 56 - not GC but I can live with it. I've always liked the design so adding it meant I'd have to select a player and really Rask is the only option for me on a modern Bruins. Not mine but an Oilers stripped GI MIC Adidas size 56 McDavid
  3. Like Fitz said those are perfect. Gotta love that TMLFan can refurb those crests too, small detail but it makes the jersey that much better. I have a blue blank that I'm doing up as 94-95 pre season Blues. Only difference will be the 3 colour name vs the 1 colour on yours.
  4. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    I think the problem customizers have with doing Bruins jerseys is anything 1996 and later seems to be sublimated twill or felt kits. So you'll get layered twill instead of one layer dyed to look like 2 or 3 layers. So depends how picky you are about that. Keener couldn't do a 2010 Winter Classic exact to spec either. It called for sublimated felt but he had to layer since the colours didn't appear as vibrant as the actual gamer kits when he did it. I was ok with it, but you may not be. The only real option to get it exactly right is to send it to Custom Crafted and they tend to get their share of complaints and there sewing and workmanship can be subpar at times too. You're probably in good hands with Elite, if you're ok with close enough.
  5. Beautiful Modano, turned out great!
  6. Well that means my order they received June 10 won't be coming back until the start of hockey season. And Kariya is a good choice. Nice big block CCM. You know owning one more than likely means you'll soon own 20!😉
  7. And a couple blanks for your summertime viewing pleasure. These are both from IJ members as well, thanks for letting the Nords go again @furiousd
  8. Can't thank @slimcutta enough for this one. Lucky that he saw my post from a couple weeks back looking for more Maritime Canadian 90s AHL jerseys. This one's special, as PEI is probably my favourite place to visit. Size 54 Pavol Demitra PEI Senators 94-95 Also still on the lookout for a St. John's Maple Leafs, Cape Breton Oilers and Halifax Citadels to go with the Maritime jerseys.
  9. I read in this thread a couple pages back that patch collection will sometimes make the patch you're after. I've put a message into them, but never got a reply. Maybe they don't do sponsor type patches from the minor leagues?? Anyhow, maybe someone here has a recommendation for getting a patch made. Please PM or share details of a place that maybe you had a good experience with or was able to at least get you a suitable patch made. My patch is pretty simple to say the least, very little proofing required.
  10. The beauty of this form on display... more eyes and minds on your project the better and we all learn something from it. I'd have never thought or known about the differing shoulder patches in this instance but now I've learned something about Blue Jackets jerseys. My vote would go for Foligno or Atkinson.
  11. Ok, if you do a McDavid on the white, you can probably reuse the nameplate if you need to, though I'd assume Elite Sportswear must have matching material so you may not need to go to those lengths. I sent mine to Keener so I needed to reuse a Russell plate for a McDavid since he doesn't have the material.
  12. Nice score on the Oilers MiC! Thanks for sharing. The only Adidas MiC I have seen in person was an Oilers retro from last season with the 40th patch. Just like KB67 was mentioning, it too was a super easy strip, I was even able to salvage the nameplate. Good luck with the strip and re-custom. And 320 CAD is a good amount to be into one, you've done well I'd say.
  13. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Hahaha, so true.
  14. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Gamers is a totally different story for sure, I just want them the way they would have been hung it the stall prior to the wearing part. Who the weird ones are is up for debate I suppose.
  15. @StayFrosty I post blanks I'm pumped about. You don't have to ask to post pics, it's an open forum and a number of us are bored in the summer off season and just want to see or hear anything about jerseys. If you want to show us a sweet Adidas MiC, go for it.
  16. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    I don't understand the mystery stain either. Just try to clean it and if it works out you can sell for more. As a buyer I don't mind the mystery stain, it's netted me one really awesome rare jersey recently for a steal. But not disclosing flaws and such is a no no to me too. I was talking to another IJer about this and we agreed why wouldn't you just disclose a flaw, more often then not it will be met with an, "no worries, no problem" sort of response. The price might take a slight hit if you're selling but at least you made an honest deal and have a good contact going forward and potentially more deals. I'd say most guys who collect only authentics want the condition to be pristine as possible. I think? Most of us are intimate enough with our collection to be able to point out flaws and keep things honest, so why not. Recently, I got an awesome jersey that looked mint and flawless and it was advertised that way too. When I got it, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. We've all been there and I know I'm picky about condition to a point, but with what we spend on this hobby we should be. I reached out to the seller about 2 small black marks on the crest (which could be removed with a little effort) and a half inch noticeable scratch through the embroidery on the crest that can't be repaired (a flaw). The seller said he was sorry, it was his fault for not going over it better and immediately asked for my paypal to refund me some $ for working on the stains. The scratch is minor enough that I didn't care since the kit is the star of the jersey anyway. But had he told me upfront about the scratch and marks and sent a pic we probably would have came to the same conclusion of a minor discount on asking price vs me paying full then getting the discount later for him realizing he didn't disclose properly. Regardless the seller took responsibility and was great about it and I'm sure he'll do a better 'once over' before listing next time. Or he'll clean it/fix it himself before listing. I told him I wasn't going to say no to a slight refund, and told him I appreciated it... and he said it's the right thing to do, it was his mistake, he should have gone over it better. Disclosing seems like the least painful route, but sometimes it is understandable that a seller may have missed something. I'll always give the seller the benefit of the doubt that they missed it assuming they try to make it right.
  17. I heard it's cuz Keener needs a break or holiday, which is fair, they've probably been flat out for a while. 6 months seems excessive to shut it down though.
  18. Ahh it's summer, it's slow, here's a blank I just got in today. Moncton Hawks size 50 CCM Maska. It's the Jets farm team from the late 80s early 90s so this is very obviously a repurposed Jets jersey since there is a CCM NHL tail tag. I want to keep it a Hawks though and do up a Beauregard 30 from his AHL days. Huge fan of Eastern Canada in general so I'm excited to add this one. Fight strap was cut out and a couple minor marks to clean up but all part of the deal. I'll have Keener do it up in the same way a Jets jersey would be done. Same fonts and the twill nameplate. If anyone comes across early 90s AHL from Atlantic Canada please let me know, I've got the Fredericton Canadiens now this one, looking for PEI, Cape Breton, Halifax, Saint John and St. John's eventually.
  19. Cool, I'm sorta the same with the goalies, but I couldn't pass up a Francis rookie. Was my 1st and only too. That seller is still sitting on some gems, he surfaces every now and again, but is mostly MIA which is sorta too bad but good for my wallet.
  20. Haha, Awesome, came full circle then because I bought that White Sandow Whalers about 1.5 years ago and tipped FuriousD off to the owner of the green. Such mint jerseys for early 80s. Enjoy! Who are you going to customize it as?
  21. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    Crosby never wore CCM so technically it's a jersey foul if you care about having a Crosby jersey to specs. 2003-04 would have been the last year for CCM 2005-06 was Reebok at the time of Sid's debut nhluniforms.com If you're not concerned about whether he wore CCM or Reebok and you just want an authentic jersey I'm not sure what a fair price is. Maybe 125 US.
  22. JJM4

    Canucks Experts

    I tried to go thru some youtube footage but couldn't find anything. From what I've seen in other images it looks like Bure and Linden were wearing the A on the black road jersey.
  23. Right on. Thanks to both you and the last owner for letting it go. I'm happy to have it and know that if Keener did the work, it'll be spot on.
  24. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    I think I've seen scrabble logo referenced in the jersey book for a CCM small block with no colour embroidered into the blocks of the logo... like the Modano team choice jsh posted. I could be making stuff up too, or imagining I've seen it in the jersey book, I dunno 😅
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