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  1. 49 minutes ago, jsh139 said:

    Paging @JJM4, our resident North Stars expert. 

    LOL, emailed @kkash48 already. I'd say steer clear of that one and wait for the real deal OR make an offer to Adam Grenier on his Brooke #13 Green North Stars GI he's got.  I've stripped one GI from that time period and there was A LOT of glue so your player choices might be limited.

    On this one the elbow stitching is wrong should just be single zig zag.  No branding, and I've been made aware the patch is repro (good repro). I've noticed he's come down a lot already.  If you really want it, I'd say message him, he's already come down from 400 to 200, so he might move some more. 


  2. 51 minutes ago, jsh139 said:

    Also stripped an EPS-lettered jersey and it was extremely easy. The back numbers were barely even glued down. 

    That's what I like to hear. 

    The jersey I'll be doing is a AHL Bauer from the late 90s.  I don't know exactly when it was customized but the guy said it was EPS so I'm hoping for a similar result on the strip.

  3. Honestly I have my doubts whether they'll even be able to do much with the strip. It's a GI Habs jersey and whoever the team customizer from back in the 90s was, they pressed the hell out of it so the numbers are cemented on.  I'm hoping they can do it since it's a really nice goalie cut Berlin Starter.  I'm prepared to abandon ship and just be leaving it with them for nameplates and spare parts if the strip isn't possible.

    Question for you Fitz (I tried to PM you but maybe your message box is full)...  how are EPS customizations to strip?   Is there usually much residue and cleaning needed?  Keener's aren't too bad but I have one coming that is an EPS customization so I want to know what to expect.


  4. It is odd that these are all the rage, but might as well strike while the iron is hot and move em if they're earning top dollar these days.

    Or hang onto it and hope the Preds win something with Rinne the next few years and who know maybe the value increases. 

  5. Going back to the subject of the Preds alternates, has anyone seen what the market is for an Indo Edge Preds alt?  Or anyone have a good educated guess given the Premiers are going for 200?

    I traded one a while back and the guy I traded it to was thinking of selling.  It's done up as a Rinne and tbh I think the Indo Edges are semi-decent items. 

  6. I can't remember wearing jerseys around the holidays but I'm giving it a go this year.  I have to say the 2.0 was comfy and very breathable today as I sported the Benn.


    And tomorrow's already lined up with a Team Canada special to send out some good vibes for the Juniors.



  7. I've owned a Haiti assembled one in the past and it did have both fight strap and double elbows. From his pics I think I can make out that there is a fight strap, but not sure about the elbows/shoulders as the pics aren't great.  Also the tags don't say anything about Haiti/El Salvador/US or other so I'm not too sure.  I'd probably steer clear but if you were serious about it get some better pics of the 'features'.

  8. 12 hours ago, LondonGardens said:

    I'm actually sympathetic, was simply missing the connection to the technical process of how the thread that gets woven in is pre-coloured, and then how that works so perfectly.

    I actually am disgusted at the NHL making any jerseys outside of North America.  Hockey Related Revenue is at an all time high and could easily absorb making the replicas in Can/USA (and the lowest level replicas should be at thevCCM 550 level, IMHO).  They are morally no better than the counterfeiters (and the marketing techniques to call them authentic is insulting - I hate the "customer won't notice" assumption).  Really think the NHLPA should insist that all official jerseys be made in CAN/USA as part of the CBA negotiations.

    Great post, and I 100% agree with you, sadly that would eat in the bottom line so you know it won't happen. 

  9. 29 minutes ago, jsh139 said:

    Thanks! One of my favorite players and 2nd favorite Flyers style. Wish I could find one from the legion of doom days but I’ll take what I can get! He still played 82 games that season and scored 25 goals with 26 assists for 51 pts. Not too shabby. 

    I was tempted to pick up his Habs #17 jersey that the seller from Hawaii had a couple months ago. I don't think the customization was accurate though and it still might be available.


  10. 4 minutes ago, Zeshy25 said:


    Seller had it listed for like $400 and just relisted it. I bought from the seller offline a long time ago. I would think you could try offering ~$300. 

    I tried offering him 350 but he wanted 600.  It's in my watchlist, we'll see if he comes down some in the future.

  11. Referring to nhluniforms.com, during the lockout shortened season of 94-95, the Blues introduced their new home and road Spiderman jerseys as their primary uniforms.


    I don't think there was any preseason games in all likelihood that season with the lockout.

    I found a picture of a player (Casey) who signed in the summer of 1994 with the Blues so this signing was for the 94-95 season onward. In this picture he can be seen wearing the 93-94 older Blues uniform. The pic also looks like it would be earlier in the 94-95 season since he's wearing his black Bruins pads and mask.


    So I guess my question is after the Blues made the switch to the new Spiderman primaries, did they occasionally play in the older style sweaters during the 94-95 season? Hoping maybe a Blues fan would know.  Or maybe there was a short preseason in which the older style unis were used?

  12. On 12/13/2018 at 12:36 AM, LAK74 said:


    I am curious about what others think about the terminology used in describing patches.  At least the way I see it, a patch could be “legit” and still be a “repro.”  For example, I would consider National Emblem’s current 1992 SC100 patch to be “legit,” since it is made by the company which is officially licensed by the NHL to produce them.  But it’s still a repro, since it was made 25 years after the originals were produced, and they have enough differences that one can easily tell them apart from originals.  But there’s a bigger gray area when it comes to more recent patches.  The 2007 SCF patch for example, was made by National Emblem back in the day and is still being made by them today.  However, if you were to buy one of those in the new NE packaging from a company like Patch Collection, you’re almost certainly getting a patch that was manufactured very recently, maybe even less than a year ago.  So you could say that the patch is legit but it’s a newer edition, certainly not an “original” from 2007.  So when does a patch, after its original release date, stop being called an “original” and becomes a “repro?”  Immediately after the first edition/batch?  When it starts to look different?  I don’t really know.  In this case however, I couldn’t see any significant difference between the 2007 SCF patch in the Patch Collection’s listing, and the patch used on the gamers.  So the version sold by Patch Collection is “legit,” but is it really a “repro” if it was made by the same company that did the gamer patches, and it still looks exactly the same as the gamer patches?  What do you guys think about this?

    Even if the patches in all 3 posted listings look the same, I still recommended the one I posted (or the one posted by JJM4, even if the price is higher), because it is sealed in the older National Emblem packaging, which I believe was used back in the 2nd half of the decade of the 2000’s.  I would think these are leftover stock from way back then, and are more likely to be an earlier (if not original) version of the patch.

    I think you'll have the best insight into this but I admittedly have thought of it as repro and original with original only being legit.  That said I collect mainly 90s jerseys so it's a time period where we have the older originals available, but in certain instances you can only sometimes find the newer repros.  I have never equated a repro as 'legit' really for these older jerseys.  For example the repro for the Islanders 25th is quite poor compared to the originals so I'd not consider it legit. 

    For collecting and patching newer jerseys it's a bit more murky to me as to what is legit.  I sorta assumed National Emblem is your best bet for patches on newer post 04 lockout jerseys.  So I guess I'd consider NE to be legit patches for newer jerseys. 

    The embroidery process is getting better as newer repros can look cleaner and in some cases better than the original so who's to say what's best or most legit I guess.  Like the NHL 75th patch - I prefer the original because, well, it's the original, but someone might prefer a newer well done repro since the embroidery lines will be straighter and look cleaner overall.