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  1. I know a number of you probably already saw these on Keener's show or instagram, but I'll post them here just cuz it's what I do on mail day I guess.  I'll do half the order today half tomorrow.

    1994 Salt Lake City Golden Eagles - Palffy size 52



    1995-96 Peoria Rivermen - Casey size 52 (for this one I had to buy an old program to figure out what number he wore, and oddly the program was almost half what I paid for a NWT jersey, all said the investment total was 71 USD) I guess Keener had to design the number for this, and it looks like he nailed it.



    1976 CCCP - Tretiak size 54. It came with just double shoulders, I added the double elbows from a center ice jersey, plus a fight strap and the tagging.  So it's your classic Frankenjersey but it's got some appeal. The white nameplate and custom job match 1976 Canada Cup spec.





  2. Yeah that Mogilny gamer is pretty special.

    EPS definitely did a good job, I'm pleased, no residue just the fabric is a little damaged from pulling off the numbers. 

    The jersey is pretty massive, but on a hanger it looks reasonable, I was honestly even expecting bigger after how you described it.  I'll have to measure it, it's likely the largest in my collection, probably not one I'd ever be able to wear.


  3. Got this back from EPS.  It was a GI from 98-99 goalie cut size 58 done up as Brown #3.  I had it stripped and redone for Jose's rookie year.  There is some slight evidence of the strip but EPS did a great job considering how stuck on the numbers seemed to be. Looks like I need to run an iron over it at some point too.




  4. 1. 1991 North Stars with 91 SCF Patch



    2. 1981 Whalers Francis Rookie



    3. 1987 North Stars Mesh



    4. 1992 North Stars Ultrafil



    5. 1992 Kalamazoo Wings Ultrafil - such a classic looking jersey in my eyes.  Love the shadow on the green part of the logo



  5. 1 hour ago, Brilliant! said:

    Holy crap, the Worcester IceCats??? That is fantastic! From a bygone era when the AHL actually had a Canadian, New York AND New England Division!

    Haha thanks!  I totally love these 90s Bauer ultrafils, can't get enough of them.  Got it for such a steal of a price too.  And who doesn't love glacier twill logos.  Soon to be another Casey in the collection.


  6. 7 hours ago, tbart said:

    JJM4, nothing like a clean and spotless Ultrafil after a little bit of effort. This pic really shows how great the color combo is on this jersey. Beauty!

    Thanks! I was a little worried about it at first, I didn't think it was coming clean.

  7. Wow, GR8 looking Kane there!

    I figure this blank is worth posting.  It came with spots on the collar, the crest, the white body and arm stripes and even the fight strap.  A little TLC and it cleaned up perfectly to a Mint ultrafil blank.  Now I have the home and road pair of Ice Cats jerseys.


  8. On 2/23/2019 at 8:20 PM, cpack89 said:

    Looking for a 1998-1999 Dallas Stars Alternate Authentic CCM, size 54 preferably but 52 would also work. Finding it quite difficult to get my hands on this jersey and any help would be much appreciated. Props to fellow Stars fan JJM4. I don't know how you got ahold of one.



    Totally lucked out on mine.  It sat on ebay a while before I scooped it up.  

    I know there was one in one of the FB groups, I'll see if it's still available. If it is I'll PM you about it.


  9. 1 minute ago, Hockey Bob said:

    That N Stars is really cool! 
    I've never seen one of those remake or otherwise. 

    Who makes them?  

    Thanks! I know, I've never seen one either until recently.  It's basically like a 90s ultrafil, really nicely done remake.  It's made in Canada by Hattem. 


  10. Great pick up Spud!  I was happy to get this remake in today.  A 1975 North Stars, ultrafil with double elbows and shoulders, fight strap etc.  I think it's the first jersey I've ever acquired via trade.



  11. 2 hours ago, jsh139 said:

    Thanks!  They actually were never kiss cut until last season.  When they switched to Adidas they went kiss cut.  Always layered before then.

    Oh my bad, I read it as the only 3 layer customization meaning that all other kits were kiss cut, when of course it's generally just 2 layer customization with the Flyers. 

  12. That's a sharp looking Brashear!  I think the Flyers kits always look good, and I didn't realize they were/are mostly kiss cut.  The last few jerseys I've bought are kiss cut, and I'm really starting to warm up to that style of customization.  I know I've sent a couple to Keener that I thought were layered and they came back kiss cut.  Pays to know a good customizer who's on top of these things.


  13. I hope this thread will get a little participation cuz I'd love to see some cool kits that maybe I missed in the arrivals thread.  I mean it can be gamers or whatever you have that you really like.

    It's as stated, what is your favourite kit on a jersey you own?  It can be for any reason... the look of it, the materials, the quality, the stitching.   Really any reason you can give for why you favour it.  I'd love to see what some other collectors have out there.

    My collection is around 50 jerseys and is pretty focused, but the more I collect the more I dig the AHL IHL 90s stuff which leads me to my favourite kit.  I don't think I've posted this jersey here, since it arrived to me before I was a member here.

    Ziggy Palffy 94-95 Denver/Utah Grizzlies kit.  Reason I love it is the quality of the materials used.  Yeah the look of it is pretty cool with the claw marks and shape of the numbers, but the quality of the materials used is a step up on anything I own.  Plus all layers are individually sewn to the jersey. My guess is the kit came directly from the team. The twill just seems like the most heavy duty stuff.