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  1. 1 hour ago, jsh139 said:

    Did Keener ever start back up again? They had said March originally but I never saw anything that said they had. 

    I don't think they did.  My guess is he got through all collector orders through the winter and took some time away more recently.   I know they did a podcast recently but I never listened to it so maybe they mentioned something in there?


  2. 1975 California Golden Seals remake.  This thing is beautiful.  Ultrafil double shoulder/elbows just like a CCM ultrafil.  The make is Hattem, size 56.  Will eventually become a Meloche 27.  I added the Gunzo's tag to make it more gamer-like, also I'm looking for a white garter belt fight strap for it if any one has a spare one kicking around.


  3. 1 hour ago, FrontYardSpecial said:

    Pretty sure I sold that Demitra to Adam last year. I bought it from a guy on Facebook. Keener customized it. 

    IIRC Liebe didn’t customize Blues jerseys until the 2005-06 season. Pretty certain Custom Crafted did these jerseys. 

    Thanks for the info.  I like the customization on it.  I've got another one done by Keener in very similar fashion.  I always like to be able to pass along who did the customization on a jersey when I sell so I really appreciate you chiming in.


  4. 1 hour ago, Hockey Bob said:

    I just picked up one of these and am sending it out to have Tkachuk put on it. 
    Kinda want to get all of the Vintage series jerseys but they're going for big money right now 

    Yeah having the vintage series set would be cool, but you're so right they're big $ right now.  Can't go wrong with a Tkachuk on this one!  I bought this one from Adam so it was already done, though I'm not sure who customized it.  Are you using Liebe?  Is yours blue or white?

  5. Few more that came in last week - thanks to TMLFan for the work and to furiousD for some strip and cleaning on these.

    96-97 Kings Team Issued size 58G



    99-00 Saint John Flames size 56 - thought it was cool to see a Flames #12 with the C and it not be Iggy. And the AHL version of this jersey is a little nicer IMO with the ultrafil body vs airknit in the NHL.



    2003-04 Blues size 54



    2014-15 Stars size 56



  6. Got these in today...

    2013-14 Hurricanes Dobby 58G



    1994-95 Kalamazoo Wings Fernandez 52 - Completes a mini Kalamazoo collection I've got going



    1992-93 Hershey Bears Beauregard 54G



    1996-97 Islanders Palffy 54 - I've seen pics with the A on the chest seam and the A below it so I went below.  The patch is just a repro laid on for the pic, still in search of the original. Completes a Palffy collection of mine.





  7. 7 hours ago, Phil the Thrill said:

    Sorry, meant the kit is on its way back already. I try to avoid sending jerseys through customs when I can. 

    I'll see if Josh can be a bro and not ship with tracking.

    I've only used EPS a few times and they're awesome for customs and not listing high jersey value.  I understand the apprehension but I've never had extra fees with EPS.  Always worth sending it to them for the quality of sewing the provide... And the price is the same loose or sewn.

    Hopefully Josh will take care of your patch request this time though.


  8. 2 hours ago, thebiggoalie said:


    That would be a terrible idea.

    Congrats though. I was interested in that one as well.  

    Thanks!  Too much invested to be a strip job.

    1 hour ago, LetsGoCaps said:


    Agree 100%. 

    Spectacular jersey!


    6 minutes ago, cpack89 said:

    What a beautiful jersey! And what a cool piece of Dallas Stars history to own. I'll be taking my "authentic" blank to Blake's this week but I don't believe he did the customization for these. I vaguely remember asking him at one of my visits to drop off a jersey and he said he wouldn't be doing the customization for the WC.

    Thank you, that's what how I justified the purchase, that it was a cool piece of Stars history to own.  Good luck with the customization!

  9. 2 minutes ago, Phil the Thrill said:


    Any plans on stripping and changing to Bishop?

    No chance, I prefer Dobby personally so I was happy to get his even if he didn't play.  Plus I don't know who could do the kit properly.  I'm not sure if it was Blake's who did these or not.

    He was lead cheerleader for the WC, by the looks of things.  I really hope he gets a game in this WC jersey with the retro gear to show off his Vaughn Legacy's.


  10. I've missed all the communications of the past month in here, and I gotta say it's pretty nice progress you've made on those Canucks.  Great work, they came out awesome.

    I too have one jersey I regret having soaked acetone through into a twill crest on the front.  It's left a mini shadow in the white of a North Stars crest.  I can live with it, though I could probably just replace the white twill if I ever need another project.



  11. Thanks on the Blues!  I'm liking the 3 colour name and the vinyl is a nice touch.

    The Ice Sheen looks somewhat like the Dazzle on the Ducks 3rd jerseys but the material itself is different.  It's like a very thin tarp.  It's coarse compared to the Ducks Dazzle material and super light weight.

    I might just be making terms up with the Spiderman style, but the Blues style with the red lines and the wonky kit from 95-98.  I thought I heard it refered to as Spiderman style or something, maybe not LOL.

  12. Lots of nice pick ups out there recently.  Never seen a Victoriaville jersey before that's one cool looking jersey @tbart

    I got a haul back from Keener that I sent in early September...

    1990 Kari Takko Ice Sheen Kalamazoo Wings size XL - was a stripped gamer with some minor wear.  Besides being on the NHL all-names team he is still head of European scouting for the Stars.



    1990 Beauregard Moncton Hawks size 50 - just a repurposed late 80s early 90s Jets jersey. Kit is the same as the Jets with twill nameplate with the rounded corners.



    1991 SCF North Stars Casey size 52 - the would measure out almost identical to the size he wore (50G). Has the original SCF Patch.  Call this a co-grail for me.



    1994-95 Preseason St. Louis Blues Casey size 52 - They'd go to the Spiderman style when the regular season eventually started in 95' for the shortened season with the lockout.



    1997-98 Flyer LeClair size 52 - Picked this one up from The Dude



    And finally on this great mail day I picked up a Canes alternate 58GC


  13. 1 hour ago, SnakeOiler12 said:

    That's awesome, congrats man. I completely forgot about the foundation auction until after it ended, but I definitely agree that they went for more reasonable prices compared to the NHLAuctions one. Even the GIs on the NHL ones were pretty high.

    Thanks! The Khudobin on NHL went 125 cheaper than I paid unfortunately but Seguin, Hintz, Heiskanen all went for considerably more than the foundation auction.  But Bishop was over 1K more on the foundation.

  14. 1 hour ago, SnakeOiler12 said:

    Anybody score a Stars or Preds Winter Classic from the NHL Auctions that were earlier this week? 

    I was hoping to land a Stars one and was in the running for a while, but they went pretty crazy in the last few hours. 

    Still interested if anyone changes their mind! ;) 

    I got in on the crazy bidding.  I went through the Dallas Star foundation auction though and got a 2nd period worn Khudobin.  It seemed like the 2nd period jerseys went cheaper than the 1st period ones on NHL auctions, except for the one I got of course.

  15. 1999-00 Kariya, 3rd Jersey Pro Player size 56

    This jersey has put on a lot of miles.  It came from Germany, but got lost/was undeliverable to my address and was luckily sent back to the seller.  He just re-sent and here we are.  Only took 2.5 months to get it in hand.




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