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  1. I got a French Canadian jersey back that I'm going to post momentarily... but I had a couple mistakes on an order of 3 jerseys so the deal was fix it and include an original French SC100. I hope it's original, if not I won't lose sleep, but would appreciate any input.
  2. I may slip this over my head later. Go Cole Harbour Captain.
  3. Before I came into this thread this morning you could have quizzed me on that and I would say the stick was out of the L... Despite owning a Juneau in that very jersey. I think you are right.
  4. And to answer the question of the thread it has made me rethink how I'd display my jerseys. I would not keep that big of collection because fire is always possible and would make every effort to grab what I have which would not take me a lot of effort. Heirlooms first when you have no kids or spouse.
  5. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/HALF-PROCEEDS-TO-FORT-MAC-Jose-Theodore-Montreal-Canadiens-Worn-Glove-MVP-2000-/152102786982?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT For full disclosure this gesture is not about me and I want to make that very clear. I got the idea from the St.John's Icecaps, the Montreal Canadiens farm team so fitting it's a Canadiens item. My thought process is I'm not a game worn equipment collector so i could stand to part with this.
  6. The golf season one. I'm on a phone sry. Looked normal size on there.
  7. I personally enjoy the knit pick process and the cleaning but ya bonus when you don't have to. That said I bought a white ultrafil that I paid enough for a few years ago and recently sold it at a small discount to move it but I was shocked to find out the buyer said there was small grease spots on it. I assured him i dont cook in my jerseys... I took for granted it was clean before storing it because it was listed new. Or the guy was lying and it had no stain. It ended up costing me 8 dollars but I learned to always knit pick.
  8. Absolutely. I was surprised when I got it to see it in the condition it's in.
  9. I wanted that one for a long time. I prefer the jersey as it would have hung in the stall vs beat up. Just me. So essentially this means more to me than a gamer unless it was the absolute right player. But this was the right players official rookie year so a must have for me.
  10. Thanks. I add it to the crowbar and stick of dynamite collection as I see it never really being pried away... this one is in mint condition too so very lucky. The one I posted on the last thread was not as old and not quite as pristine
  11. In before the Stars were eliminated...
  12. I see. Like ski doo vs arctic cat snow mobile in a sense. The generic brand vs the brand. Gotchya Either way I thought the hat is fittingly northern.
  13. No I'm in SK. I found the patch on a random hat on ebay... which could obviously be reproduced. And if I'm reading you correctly I'm going to assume Olympia is the make of zamboni. Could easily replace the ccm patch with your brand.
  14. In the spirit of capitalism and recent developments here I gotta ask what anyone thinks of this or would you buy it? In the same fashion as a hat a Ive seen at Princess Auto... Farmers Feed Families. Both hats state who you are and what you do. Foam hat red airknit white twill backing. Ccm patch is removable velcro ed on. Canada flag on the other side also velcro ed so removable if youre from Belarus and like the colours. The main patch is velcroed down too. But it will be sewn down. Cannot wait to wear it golfing. )
  15. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Underrated post
  16. I bought a gameworn St.Johns Icecaps and I believe the team is sending the funds to Fort Mac. I thought it made good sense. So if they can send 100 percent as a business I will send 50 percent of an item I start an auction on in the next few days. Im throwing out a challenge to anyone else here who might have an abundance of luxury items at their disposal. I will ask that whoever buys doesn't rate the transaction until I donate through whatever channel they choose whether its red cross or what have you.
  17. Great Tugnutt... was young but will never forget his 70 save game.
  18. And like Angelo said it's not ultrafil but it's heavy. I had it hanging to dry overnight then 2 hours in the wind in the morning to get it mostly dry.
  19. Thanks. I found this and got around to putting logos on it. I will likely add a fight strap. The AM patch too. It came all the way from NY today BUT the envelope was empty.
  20. Does anyone have an authentic custom crafted jersey? Did they make these? I've seen the CCM Custom Crafted on Blues Shark Devils etc., but I'm referring to one that is branded and made solely by Custom Crafted.
  21. Nice Bellows. And two words (classy, Gilmour) I thought I'd never say in the same sentence; That is one classy Gilmour. Edit: fixed for clarity and for sentence structure accuracy.
  22. I'd say you're safe to value that Hasek at 250 US. I sold one at that a year ago. I bought the white blank for 50! Score. And I do not believe the IIHF patch is supposed to be on the 98 Olympic when Hasek had Gretz and co. at his mercy. I stripped the patch for the 2002 Salt Lake which was priced where Dude says around the 200 US. The font is correct like the picture Dude has up, and it looks like you just got yourself a free top dollar patch.
  23. Ya. Thanks. I added the tail hem patch (I was able to cut the Maska out of some tourney in St. Hyacinthe QC patch). I'd classify it as pretty. Its ultrafil all the right features but not a real deal but not one I'd let go of either. It came unbranded. I would assume a gamer would be durene?
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