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  1. Thanks. It was extremely easy and cost effective. Thanks to a phoenix firebirds jersey popping up the project came together. It even has quadruple elbows Some of the spoils if anyone is has a Phoenix Firebird Connection..
  2. Love my black version, thought white would be nice. That said, go Pens
  3. Seen another project on the arrivals, thought I'd put a pic up of the jersey with all it's parts.
  4. JJM4


    I would have strongly considered paying what I did for the jersey...just for the patch to use on a salt lake jersey.
  5. After the next CBA the NHL will control everything to do with jerseys and request a modification for material to be added at the hem for more ad space.
  6. What, like this?? Though gorgeous, I was thinking more along the lines of this...
  7. On second thought agreed. IHL though...
  8. Great logo on that Milwaukee Pirates Jersey. There are some great IHL and AHL logos out there.
  9. JJM4


    It's worded as 'Switched to air knit in 87-88'... ... So switched to air knit at some point during the season? maybe carrying over the ultrafil from the end of 86-87 into 87-88.
  10. JJM4


    Didn't they switch to air knit for 87-88?
  11. Thanks. It gets me close to completing his collection of NA pro jerseys he would have worn. This is the only true game worn of his I own but I like that it's from a time when ties prevailed and a lot of his lasts with the Kings... and pretty much his career over here.
  12. From his final game as a King. I think white set 2, very limited wear as he got injured in a 4-4 tie and would score his final goal and assist as a member of the Kings
  13. Worn one game only in the lockout season.
  14. For those comparing and contrasting. The original is on the right, and the other is on the left. Seems to me the color of green is darker on the original and the green circle is a bit thicker. My contribution for reference if the question ever comes up...
  15. There's an 84-85 with the generic red and blue ccm tail tag available for a hefty amount on Ebay. I've been tempted over and over myself.
  16. Nice Caseys. Those older Stars jerseys were absolutely perfect. Too bad the bottom one is airknit instead of ultrafil.
  17. Ya it's a loaded statement to get out there clearly, but it's good he's got something on Orr minus the glut of Norris'. I thought he was due one in his day, but there were some good Dmen at that point in time.
  18. No the Rangers, the distinction would essentially be leading regular season point getter on a Presidents Trophy Winner and eventual Stanley Cup Champ in 94. The jersey also might qualify under deals and steals... the custom cost more than the jersey in canadian funds.
  19. Ya. Easy fix, I'm getting the airknit updated to 92-93 patches, just thought it looked cool with the Crillee font.
  20. The only Defenseman in history to lead a first place team in scoring... that would eventually go on to win the cup.
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