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  1. Ok, I saw the tag on Dudes' 92-93 Kings $88 special, but haven't noticed it earlier. Koho was pretty much the only one I was unsure of so thank you again for your help on that!
  2. Does anyone know what time frame and brands of jerseys that the blue red and white NHL player tag appears on? I have seen it on CCM, Nike, Pro Player, and Starter authentics, has anyone ever seen it on a Koho or RBK? The predominant date range I've noticed is mostly 92-99, but does anyone have any other examples of jerseys outside of the date range and brands I've mentioned? thanks
  3. Ah yes, it's always bitter sweet when I've gotta go to the drawer for the seam ripper.... But yes thank you for the #### you put me through! Almost daily!!
  4. After that detailed SC99 description by LAK74, I for one, had to get the seam ripper out and pluck out a TM and an R symbol.
  5. Congrats on your first! I like your style
  6. It's certainly available
  7. Thanks. I was hoping someone here would have a use for it ... if it had turned out good
  8. Does anyone know if this is original?
  9. I could really use 5 of these originals. If anyone has any to spare please PM.
  10. I do it when I don't think I can find it anywhere else in the right size... This is mostly on 90s jersey. More often than not I get a good deal which is my justification for the occasional full price splurge. My last occasional splurge was 3 or 4 days ago though so
  11. Ya, Nice Tkachuk! I think you would have seen my Khabibulin I just picked up as well in the same style a couple pages back. Just like you said, I need the namebar replaced with the flo - knit too. I think it was you or may have been someone else who said Keener couldn't match the green through sublimation... I messaged him a list recently with that Coyotes on it and he didn't say he couldn't do that one. Who are you thinking of using to replace it for you?
  12. JJM4


    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/291712988902?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I would have paid it had they shipped north
  13. Totally, and not to mention the natural sugars...
  14. Haha. I got the same box last week when my Stars jersey came and judging by the sticker in the senders corner, I will say that family goes through an unhealthy amount froot by the foot! My box didn't last long, it's on it's way to Washington today... with a bright orange piece of paper with the TO and FROM on it. )
  15. I recently received a 92 sens and nordiques back and found the sens with white on red layered numbers and the nordiques with an English cup patch even though I sent in the French patch. I've just want them back and might end up getting original patches out of the (or)deal I pray.
  16. Recently I was talking to my nephew about how much I would have loved it if the Capitals came out with a White version of the White House jersey design. Don't I come across this on eBay the other day: I have all the components and I think the customization should be easy enough. This is a team issued practice jersey and the Jofa on the front is just a patch so I'm hoping to remove it and somehow transform the embroidered 58 into a 68. No idea about striping or if it can even be applied as I've never done anything like this. Has anyone else done any project like this and how did it go? Any suggestions? Any others jerseys people would like to see?
  17. Yes, that's airknit. Is that a normal airkint Lightning or an ultrafil because I have an ultrafil myself and was thinking to make a Rheaume out of it? This jersey came from the same guy as the recent Khabibulin.
  18. Nice Jerseys, going to need a McDavid orange at some point too! I picked this honey up in the mail today...
  19. EPS said if the jersey is in hand they can usually match it. I personally didn't like the idea of waiting 10 plus weeks for a namebar that will most likely but not guarenteed come out perfect. Pretty sure Keener can do the same.
  20. I was wondering about that... Winnipeg had twill nameplates in the 90s so I will have to keep telling myself that Phoenix inherited this jersey anomoly.
  21. You gotta be quick. I only saw it for a short time and made him an offer off ebay. He's in the same province but it was shipped in a day. I was going to give it a wash but it even smells like a jersey should smell (new).
  22. Thanks. I'm happy to finally own a Stars ultrafil with the original ST/\RS crest.
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