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  1. Simple, but a pretty solid look for the B's there.
  2. Size 52 2005-06 Canucks Naslund compliments of the Dude
  3. 92-93 Size 54 Goalie Cut Game Issued Hershey Bears - #39 will be made into a #30 Beauregard, same size he wore. Also pretty cool feature is the skating bear shoulder patch is embroidered into the jersey.
  4. Very nice pickup! As a Stars fan I can get on board with the green and white.
  5. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    He had an awesome looking black rookie Bure with 75th patch.
  6. JJM4


    For Fitz: https://www.ebay.com/itm/UNISEX-XXLARGE-CCM-Hockey-Jersey-SLEVELESS-NEW-JERSEY-DEVILS-Jewels/382583860552?hash=item5913c66d48%3Ag%3AppgAAOSwJWxbkBWN&LH_BIN=1 You're Welcome😝
  7. Sent you a message about this.
  8. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    It's a good quality replica jersey. I guess you could call it authentic but it's not the on-ice authentic jersey for the Canucks.
  9. Here's an original and since it's a thousand dollars to ship it to Canada I'll allow someone more well situated to make a play on this one. Seems you can never have too many of this one or the 75th patch. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Vintage-HOCKEY-NHL-Stanley-Cup-1893-1993-4-Patch/123974711416?hash=item1cdd77f878:g:s4YAAOSw99RdzHVj
  10. F@cken awful. It's like he's got a white napkin tucked through the collar area in a way. Hard to believe they'd use that design but ok.
  11. I'll correct myself and say I like only the look of the Adidas better. But when it comes to the feel of it, outside the shoulders I'll agree the Adidas does feel cheap and thin. Between the 2 I'd still prefer the Adidas for collecting purposes based on newness, looks, etc... but for wearing the 2.0 is the better option.
  12. I like the look and feel of it better than the 2.0 and the perforated numbers for certain teams is kind of a nice touch. But I'd say if I was going to wear one, I'd probably go with a 2.0 over an Adidas. What's your take on the comparison of the 2 styles?
  13. And another ugly Stars jersey on display this morning... A Miro rookie and my first MIC
  14. I'd say more so the Preds are yawners. Stars aren't great, but the Preds are just weak with the Handwritten name.
  15. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    Oh yeah the patch too. LOL, I thought about asking him a question or two as well. Keep us posted please.
  16. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    I can tell you already this one is NOT real good... apparently the Stars had a jersey game ready for 16 year old undrafted phenom Val Nichushkin in 2011-12. Even has meigray tags! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dallas-Stars-authentic-game-issued-jersey-Val-Nichushkin-meigray/323968891657?hash=item4b6e0cfb09:g:eqEAAOSwgm5dv2N4
  17. Wow, really nice Rielly there! Heck of a player, heck of a jersey... I would have thought the 'A' would have been bigger like on their regular home and roads.
  18. It is shocking really. He wore 50G throughout his career. I think sizes on these old CCMs are a little off though because this one actually measures 25.5 pit to pit and the size tag had 48 written on it but it's definitely 50-52. I think he wore 54G in St.Louis at the end of his career though. But for comparison sake, Saros is one of a handful of goalies who is under 6 feet and he wears 58G. Yeah who knows on Starter, I could be wrong about that. If you're interested it may be worth emailing Josh. Or maybe another forum member has an experience getting a Starter done up by EPS where they didn't provide the nameplate material with it when they sent it in?
  19. Yeah, I don't think it should matter if it's Starter, Pro Player or Koho either. I asked Josh about it and he said if they don't have the material they'll make it. Which I'd assume means they'll sublimate to match the colour if need be.
  20. Got these 2 back from EPS the other day, nameplates only. 85-86 Size 50, official rookie year and same size he wore 99-00 Size 52, final season in Boston Before nameplate change: The hole pattern on the the North Stars is the wrong way, plus the holes are way bigger. The yellow on the Bruins is much darker. After nameplate change:
  21. I know it's not typical but my order with EPS took 21 weeks to complete, but I got it today and all I can say is it was well worth the wait, the work is beyond fantastic! It was only 2 nameplates but they're pretty rare jerseys and therefore a material match has proven tough to find. For instance, I had the 1985 North Stars sitting with Keener for a year at one point and he was unable to find matching green mesh nameplate material. No fault of Keener's, he used his last stash of it on my 87 North Stars just prior. But needless to say it's been a long time coming and it's finally done perfectly. I'll put up before and after pics tomorrow when I can get some better lighting for photos. I'll say I'm probably not the best example of their wait time obviously, but I'm very happy with the way it was handled when I did inquire. The first time I inquired they said it would be a week or so. So a month or so later I messaged again and they had it out the door and on the way that morning. Came quick to me up North too.
  22. FOUND FOUND And since you're already rummaging through your jersey supplies, if you've got an original one of these I wouldn't mind you hooking me up too.
  23. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    Makes good sense, I've been pretty lucky with the 3 Starters I own. One is a Canadiens and so it's ultrafil, another one came with the nameplate material and this most recent one I picked up is a Kings so that's why I was asking about whether or not they used nameplates. Seems I sorta lucked out in that you don't need the matching material since they never used nameplates. But I agree with your line of thinking on Starters in general.
  24. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    Ok, Kings must pretty well always be without nameplates. We let LAK74 confirm, but my guess is star-knit. I've got 2 of these and they maybe look more like airknit but it seems more like a solid non-perforated material like ultrafil is. Thanks for your input fellas!
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