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    It is good or not?

    Yeah that's sorta what I had in mind. We'll see if someone can confirm. Per my other question, on nhluniforms it doesn't look like the kings use nameplates in 97-98... or maybe ever since I know my 2003 doesn't use a nameplate either.
  2. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    I thought flo-knit is like the pro player, which is somewhat similar to airknit. This is like soft and spongy ultrafil like material.
  3. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    Couple questions: did the 97-98 LA Kings jerseys have nameplates or not? And what is the Starter material called? It's not airknit, it's almost like ultrafil but softer. Does it have a name?
  4. Dayyum! where did you find that gem?! I guess I could strip the patch off both my home and road and double patch that beaut! More patches = more better.
  5. Sweet VGK! I'm with you on your first thought though... there just are no words lol
  6. I just picked up and 88-89 small block white North Stars Team Choice that's with Keener, I'll be posting in the next month or so, but they just don't come up often enough. You've got me beat on the more recent stuff, I'm still missing a white 91-92 and a 93-94 inaugural Dallas. Looking at that green ultrafil, I sorta wish I had picked it up too now because the price was reasonable as far as North Stars stuff goes.
  7. Thanks! I almost want to leave it blank. It had Modano on it, but for years I didn't realize the number was done wrong, so I recently stripped it. Since it's got the Cup patch now I'm thinking I've gotta go with Casey, he 14 - 7 and to me was the best player for them during that run. As a kid that made me a huge fan.
  8. Yup it's air knit, man they'd be gorgeous ultrafils if they'd been made that way. I'm a North Stars fan and I've only been able to track down a home and road so I'd say you're doing alright with just 1. They so rarely ever come up. I bought this one on the bay 7 or 8 years ago now, and have only really seen a few others pop up, but they're mostly the road green. Gotta love all the old Norris division jerseys! While we're on the subject of North Stars and ultrafils, I think most know the only year they officially wore them was 91-92 on the re-design. However a few years ago on ebay, this one came up. It's from a seller I've done business with in the past and he has some awesome old stuff tucked away. This one he had listed at a fair price but I passed because they wore Mesh mostly in that design, and I believe there was an airknit set in 87 or 88, but never ultrafil. But I saved the pics of it anyway, I love the old school mesh, but these ultrafils would have been sweet. Likely just an old prototype.
  9. My prized blank. I just added the Cup Patch. This one will go to Keener in the Spring. I believe the jersey would have been a first year offering of the NHL Center Ice retail jerseys circa 1991. It has the size tag and flat button fight strap and I'd assume is from the back half of the 90-91 season. I have the green TI from the beginning of 90-91 and it doesn't have the size tag and has the round button fight strap.
  10. Nice haul right there! I have an 80s Nordiques with some minor cracking in a fleur-de-lys too, but I'm not sure there is a fix. I think you'd have to find a way to complete remove it and have the vinyl re-applied. Beauty Hull too, those alternates with the orange shield are hard to come by.
  11. Thanks! It's been a long work in progress, I must have got the blank about 7 years ago now. For me it's between this style and the TBTC all-stars for favourite.
  12. Not so much an arrival but I finally completed this project recently. When I first bought the blank it was a 1989 big block no shield with round button 80s fight strap and the heat pressed rubbery all-star shoulder patch. Since getting it I've had Keener add the NHL shield, I've added a size tag and center ice tagging, swapped out the fight strap for a flat button style, swapped out the rubbery all-star patch for the proper woven one, and stitched down both the SC100 and Montreal ASG patches. So it's finally converted to a 1993 jersey. And fun fact, Casey won the goalie competition in this his only all-star selection. And the proper woven all-star patch just added:
  13. I usually wash them (sit them in a stain remover diluted bath, rinse and hang to dry) when I first receive them, just to maybe brighten the colours and refresh the fabric anyway. So they're clean going into the closet and I might pull one or two out to wear in the course of a year so...
  14. 1) I have no good reason why but I've done it 2) Very very occasional wearer of jerseys - 95% remain unworn in my collection
  15. LOL, great anology, I don't make it a habit of using acetone, but I have and it's effective. On some real dark black marks I've used it and had some success. I more often than not just treat spots with a stain remover let it sit and then scrub them out with a rag or let them sit in a cold stain remover diluted bath. I'm one who rarely uses the washing machine on a jersey. I think I've done it twice or 3 times total.
  16. Do others sometimes use acetone as a stain remover? Just looking at what Phil was trying to tackle there, I can say I've used acetone on something like that with success. I agree with both Bob and Fitz method though too.
  17. Not a jersey, but the lot cost me as much as a jersey and is an arrival I'm pumped for. An original 91 Cup Patch for my home white North Stars and 3 PHPA 30th patches from the 97-98 AHL/IHL season. I contacted someone within the PHPA through their ebay account and they said they searched high and low for 30th patches but couldn't find any. Besides they just celebrated their 50th. I just picked up the 91 Cup patch recently and by chance the guy I bought it from knew a guy who had a stack of the PHPA 30th patch, so I sorta lucked into finding them. Now I've got some sewing to do.
  18. Yeah, who knows. As soon as I emailed Josh he was on it. He just emailed the invoice minutes ago and I paid. Should finally see them soon. The first few times I used EPS the waits were half as long or less. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be pleased with the work anyway.
  19. I wouldn't hold my breath... I've had an order with them 20 weeks for a couple nameplates. Since June 10. I did email for a second time about it today though and Josh said it's complete and will likely be invoiced in the next few days. Hopefully you're not waiting much longer.
  20. Haha, awesome! Look forward to seeing this order of yours now. And at least if yours are coming 5 weeks after payment, I should see my order before Christmas.
  21. Jsh139s order came back to him pretty quick after he paid, I want to say 3 weeks. So I doubt it will be much longer for you.
  22. For anyone who got a last minute order in with Keener looks like the wait is going to be a little longer than normal. I sent an order Sept 10 that was just invoiced so 6 weeks for invoice, and likely a bit of a wait yet for finished product.
  23. Is the 91 patch original? Looks close only thing I notice different on mine is the spacing between 9s of 19 and 91. Note the green background - signed, Salty Stars fan.
  24. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    I have to come clean and admit that it did sorta bother me having a born on tag that was 2 years older than a jersey I was trying to replicate. It is a Sabres with 95' born on tag and I had the SC100 patch on it. Once I found an original Sabres 25th patch I stripped the SC100 off to make it accurate to the born on tag. But I like @jsh139 idea on the subject best in hindsight lol.
  25. Wow, great story about how these projects all came to be, super impressive to say the least.
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