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  1. I'm looking for a 1992 TBTC Campbell's All-Star jersey. Would love a blank or a Gretzky size 52-56. PM if you can help. Thanks
  2. Appreciate the feedback, thank you, it was a fun little project rounding up a couple of extra jersey 'parts' to complete the job properly. Glad you guys like it!
  3. Thank you. Completes a mini set of four home white North Stars pre-CCM remakes since I'm not going to find or afford gamers. Thanks, like usual Keener did a great job bringing this batch to life.
  4. Here's some Friday night viewing for you, 4 jerseys I got back from Keener earlier this week. Goldsworthy North Stars 75-76 remake size 56. This would be his final season with the North Stars and the only season he wore the C. His number is retired in the Minnesota/Dallas franchise. Added the Rawlings tag and swapped out a 2 lace fight strap to the period specific one pictured below. Kariya Ducks 96-97 size 52. This would be the first year he got the C, and the only Nike ultrafil jersey in the history of the NHL. Only 6 teams ever wore Nike jerseys but all of them wore the common Nike flo knit. Only for 96-97 did the Ducks wear ultrafil, 97-99 was flo knit. Palffy Pens 2005-06 size 52. This would be his final season in the NHL. It's a patched over Koho, which is what he actually wore that season. Done with the proper kiss-cut customization. Casey Worcester Ice Cats 96-97 size 52. He only played 4 games there that season, but they're such cool jerseys I'm happy to have both home and road in my collection.
  5. It was a pleasure dealing with Ken - @kkash48 on a couple of great jerseys in recent months. Thank you! Knowing Ken's a Northstars guy, I'm certain we'll be dealing with one another at some point.
  6. I was in touch a couple weeks ago because of a detail Keener wanted to know with my order, but that was him reaching out to me, and the back and forth was quick replies... but when I send the email it usually takes 2-3 days to get a reply. I'd say if it takes longer than that and if it's a pretty important message, I'd call them. I can tell you turnaround time is 5-6 weeks.
  7. Awesome Stars jersey @BennGuin1491 can't decide which one I like best!
  8. I can second that, I'm very happy with the way mine came out after the 'procedure'.
  9. Just looking for opinions and recommendations on who you would put on this jersey. It's a 90s Bauer IHL Phoenix Roadrunners white home jersey. I have the 50th IHL anniversary patch and I was going to do Byron Dafoe from the 94-95 IHL season. But just today I found out Gretzky wore the white Roadrunners jersey for sort of an intersquad game. Back in late September of the 93-94 season, the Kings played against their farm team the Roadrunners, and I'm guessing they swapped some players to even out the rosters and Wayne ended up wearing a Roadrunners jersey for the game. I view the Gretzky option sort of like the Modano #39 jersey in that it was never worn in league play, exhibition only. So my question is would you go for a Dafoe or a Gretzky on it?
  10. Nice pickups Carl, sweet MICs and awesome 911 jersey!
  11. You're welcome! I think the way you've had it done is great, and I totally agree the matching material would be most important to me too. Nice addition to your collection for sure!
  12. Great looking jersey, love that style and nice that you got matching material instead of bronze twill. Bondra cracks my all-time favs roster as in one of my top 12 fav forwards. Between Demitra, Palffy, Bondra and Hossa, there's been some serious Slovak stars on the wing. Found this one online, and with reference to the name, looks more like what you were explaining without the gap between the N and D and holes in the B, the O etc. I should note that I think it's a gamer but I'm not entirely certain, found the pic here: http://parkwaypastimes.com/item.php?id=463
  13. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    That's a good way to do it, I like to do rookie jerseys when possible too. Can't go wrong with Marty Turco on that jersey, great choice!
  14. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    You're welcome, who do you think you'll put on that Stars Koho??
  15. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    I'd say both look good.👍
  16. Thanks guys! The wantlist is a wonderful tool. Compliments @kkash48
  17. Thanks! needed a Eddie St.Louis in collection
  18. Few more from a recent haul 1992 TBTC Lemieux size 52 1999-00 Flames St. Louis size 52 1997 Fredericton Canadiens Theodore size 56
  19. Thank you. I've had it for over 5 years and it was customized wrong, so it's nice to finally have it done up properly.
  20. I know a number of you probably already saw these on Keener's show or instagram, but I'll post them here just cuz it's what I do on mail day I guess. I'll do half the order today half tomorrow. 1994 Salt Lake City Golden Eagles - Palffy size 52 1995-96 Peoria Rivermen - Casey size 52 (for this one I had to buy an old program to figure out what number he wore, and oddly the program was almost half what I paid for a NWT jersey, all said the investment total was 71 USD) I guess Keener had to design the number for this, and it looks like he nailed it. 1976 CCCP - Tretiak size 54. It came with just double shoulders, I added the double elbows from a center ice jersey, plus a fight strap and the tagging. So it's your classic Frankenjersey but it's got some appeal. The white nameplate and custom job match 1976 Canada Cup spec.
  21. Yeah that Mogilny gamer is pretty special. EPS definitely did a good job, I'm pleased, no residue just the fabric is a little damaged from pulling off the numbers. The jersey is pretty massive, but on a hanger it looks reasonable, I was honestly even expecting bigger after how you described it. I'll have to measure it, it's likely the largest in my collection, probably not one I'd ever be able to wear.
  22. Got this back from EPS. It was a GI from 98-99 goalie cut size 58 done up as Brown #3. I had it stripped and redone for Jose's rookie year. There is some slight evidence of the strip but EPS did a great job considering how stuck on the numbers seemed to be. Looks like I need to run an iron over it at some point too.
  23. Nice Crombeen @perthisthereason. That looks like quite the fight strap contraption.
  24. Big fan of the Toivanen jersey posted, I was always a fan was hoping he'd be a regular NHLer. I think I remember him playing a few games with Boston. Also, great Cote and Couturier Jsh.
  25. JJM4

    Top 5 jerseys

    1. 1991 North Stars with 91 SCF Patch 2. 1981 Whalers Francis Rookie 3. 1987 North Stars Mesh 4. 1992 North Stars Ultrafil 5. 1992 Kalamazoo Wings Ultrafil - such a classic looking jersey in my eyes. Love the shadow on the green part of the logo
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