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  1. I had a 17 week turn around on one jersey with EPS. It was a strip, clean and re-custom though so it was I was expecting an even longer turn around.
  2. Haha thanks! I totally love these 90s Bauer ultrafils, can't get enough of them. Got it for such a steal of a price too. And who doesn't love glacier twill logos. Soon to be another Casey in the collection.
  3. Thanks! I was a little worried about it at first, I didn't think it was coming clean.
  4. Pretty sure these are originals for anyone looking for 2000 SCF Patches. I've bought one from him in the past and it was OG https://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL-2000-Stanley-Cup-Emboridered-Patch-NEW-lot-of-2/183700166967?hash=item2ac5621937%3Ag%3ATbMAAOSwL49b9ujT&LH_BIN=1
  5. Wow, GR8 looking Kane there! I figure this blank is worth posting. It came with spots on the collar, the crest, the white body and arm stripes and even the fight strap. A little TLC and it cleaned up perfectly to a Mint ultrafil blank. Now I have the home and road pair of Ice Cats jerseys.
  6. Totally lucked out on mine. It sat on ebay a while before I scooped it up. I know there was one in one of the FB groups, I'll see if it's still available. If it is I'll PM you about it.
  7. Got this one in from @spudrock512 yesterday. Really wanted to get an NHL Bauer in the collection so this takes care of that.
  8. A couple Kings beauts right there. Very nice!
  9. Still looking for an authentic Islanders 25th anniversary patch. Please PM if you can help.
  10. Thanks! I know, I've never seen one either until recently. It's basically like a 90s ultrafil, really nicely done remake. It's made in Canada by Hattem.
  11. I really like that Niedermayer @BennGuin1491 Hell the Weight is pretty awesome too with the NHLPA logo. And who doesn't love Teemu. All 3 signed just the way you like them. Nice pickups!
  12. Great pick up Spud! I was happy to get this remake in today. A 1975 North Stars, ultrafil with double elbows and shoulders, fight strap etc. I think it's the first jersey I've ever acquired via trade.
  13. JJM4

    Favourite Kits

    Oh my bad, I read it as the only 3 layer customization meaning that all other kits were kiss cut, when of course it's generally just 2 layer customization with the Flyers.
  14. JJM4

    Favourite Kits

    That's a sharp looking Brashear! I think the Flyers kits always look good, and I didn't realize they were/are mostly kiss cut. The last few jerseys I've bought are kiss cut, and I'm really starting to warm up to that style of customization. I know I've sent a couple to Keener that I thought were layered and they came back kiss cut. Pays to know a good customizer who's on top of these things.
  15. I hope this thread will get a little participation cuz I'd love to see some cool kits that maybe I missed in the arrivals thread. I mean it can be gamers or whatever you have that you really like. It's as stated, what is your favourite kit on a jersey you own? It can be for any reason... the look of it, the materials, the quality, the stitching. Really any reason you can give for why you favour it. I'd love to see what some other collectors have out there. My collection is around 50 jerseys and is pretty focused, but the more I collect the more I dig the AHL IHL 90s stuff which leads me to my favourite kit. I don't think I've posted this jersey here, since it arrived to me before I was a member here. Ziggy Palffy 94-95 Denver/Utah Grizzlies kit. Reason I love it is the quality of the materials used. Yeah the look of it is pretty cool with the claw marks and shape of the numbers, but the quality of the materials used is a step up on anything I own. Plus all layers are individually sewn to the jersey. My guess is the kit came directly from the team. The twill just seems like the most heavy duty stuff.
  16. Wow, how did I not catch that. I read it wrong for the few years I've been here. Now it's going to bother me.😨
  17. All I can say is the 99 SCF original patch does come up quite often in my searches. I've bought 2 this past year and have passed on a couple others. If you're ok with a repro, that one you posted doesn't look too bad, but before buying I'd be sure you're getting what's pictured. I search patches regularly so if I see one I'll let you know.
  18. I'm happy to report that the strip of an EPS job went quite well. I have to say, what an absolute PITA narrow tight stitching job they do though. It took me close to 8 hours to strip a #23 kit off, but there was very little glue used. I hit it with acetone in a few spots and that did the trick. Now I have a blank Fredericton Canadiens for Keener to work on.
  19. 1999-2000 Bourque Pro Player size 52 - I needed a Bourque in the collection and knew a rookie would be tough to find and the cost could get a little crazy so I went for a somewhat rare pro player 3rd jersey from Bourque's final season in Boston. I've owned the Starter version of this jersey and have to say I much prefer the pro player flo knit. Thanks @cowboys for making this available.
  20. JJM4

    It is good or not?

    LOL, emailed @kkash48 already. I'd say steer clear of that one and wait for the real deal OR make an offer to Adam Grenier on his Brooke #13 Green North Stars GI he's got. I've stripped one GI from that time period and there was A LOT of glue so your player choices might be limited. On this one the elbow stitching is wrong should just be single zig zag. No branding, and I've been made aware the patch is repro (good repro). I've noticed he's come down a lot already. If you really want it, I'd say message him, he's already come down from 400 to 200, so he might move some more.
  21. Here's a couple to look at. They're not mine but I've been entrusted to clean them up and take some pics and since the owner isn't a member here I'll share them. @Islandersboy61 let go of the McDavid. Size 54 with Hockey Canada 100 patch. Custom by EPS @True North Hockey let go of the Lecavalier. Size 48 with 99 ASG patch.
  22. Canada had that result coming to them wearing black as their home colour. Black?!! WTF. There is NO black on the flag, I don't get it. Last 2 Olympics with NHLers involved we won in Red and White. Stick to it, why go black even if it does go well with red.
  23. Really like the Niedermayer @Van67 Awesome that you got the matching swift nameplate. Who did the custom job?
  24. That's what I like to hear. The jersey I'll be doing is a AHL Bauer from the late 90s. I don't know exactly when it was customized but the guy said it was EPS so I'm hoping for a similar result on the strip.
  25. Thanks for the replies guys and no problem about the mailbox... HTH.
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